Dear Fellow American Citizen,  


Your help is needed. It is absolutely necessary to get this message out to all Americans right away. You will understand how important this mission is as you read through this documentation. The finances of most American citizens are in the economical balance. The pressures against our nation are escalating. We cannot waste any time in restoring what we are continuously losing as a nation. Thank you for your interest, concern and involvement.


What Must Be Accomplished


  1. Introduce and integrate a highly extensive project to develop nationwide independently owned and operated businesses at small, medium and larger sized levels.
  2. Implement a job building infrastructure throughout our nation.
  3. Rebuild our swiftly deteriorating middle class.
  4. Introduce a system that will greatly enhance our current American independently owned and operated businesses at every level.
  5. Integrate sustainable alternative methods to pay for taxes, close the current indiscriminate loopholes and simplify the overall taxing structure.
  6. Investigate, explore and implement realistic environmental friendly fuel and energy alternatives to end our dependence on foreign supply and industry manipulation. We must secure clean, safe and affordable resources for our children and grandchildren.
  7. Integrate ways to improve health, curb disease and build up the human immune system.
  8. Build a networking community of independent business owners and self employed citizens to integrate a collective, affordable and well balanced nationwide health insurance plan.
  9. Integrate strategies to accelerate all educational processes at every age and skill level.
  10. Deny questionable special interests and unreasonable bureaucracies from interfering in any and all areas in which we need to expand, improve, startup and grow in as individuals, communities, as states and as a nation. We cannot allow ourselves to be continuously distracted by third and fourth rate controversies. We must stay focused and not allow sideline issues and interests from diverting us from fixing our primary and secondary complications and necessities throughout our nation.
  11. Weed out businesses, organizations, individuals – including politicians that are unethically exploiting/milking governmental systems and tax money. We must truly slim line government and demand top rate proficiency and efficiency from every level and position of government.
  12. Fully prosecute criminals at every level so the rest of us can live peaceable and gratifying lives with the full rights and authority secured and guaranteed to us by our Constitutional Freedoms. Criminals must fully understand and realize they will not get away with messing up the lives of law abiding, honest, hard working citizens, no matter who they are.
  13. Implement “back to society and workplace” programs for prisoners coming up for release. Implement a “payback” structure for releasees instead of laying their expenses on honest, hard working, innocent taxpaying citizens.
  14. Build up our defenses, secure our borders and protect our other American access points to keep out murderers of our people and destroyers of our property, while keeping our freedom and rights fully intact.
  15. Introduce alternatives to wars among all nations. Collectively eliminate terrorist activity. Promote individual rights and national Sovereignty worldwide.


  1. These are the best gifts we could ever give our children and grandchildren. We cannot delay in fulfilling our generational duties and responsibilities.
  2. This mission is called “Project Restore America”.  


Maintenance & Troubleshooting Necessities


We Americans are faced with frustrating and overwhelming challenges:  


  1. Business Closures, Job Losses, Declining Pay Scales and Sluggish Markets.
  2. Over-taxation and a Devaluing Dollar.
  3. An economy that is being fueled by increased debt instead of genuine wealth.
  4. Escalating Energy Expenses and Skyrocketing Fuel Costs.
  5. Overwhelming Illness, Disease, Unrestrained Medical Charges and Irrational Prescription Drug Prices.
  6. Unsatisfactory Curriculum and Outdated Educational Techniques.


These trends are going to worsen if we do not get serious and start working on realistic ways to fix these problems now. We cannot keep talking and despairing about them. It is time for solid, unabated action from every one of us. That is what U.S. is – US. The morale, hopes and dreams among a growing number of our American citizens are understandably and steadily fading away. This must stop!


After much diligent and progressive research, thought, listening, study, analysis and reflection, plans have been formulated that will integrate avenues to reestablish independently owned and operated business opportunities and an increased job market within our shores and address other areas of American necessity.


What is being requested of you is to pass this information or this website along to your family, friends, associates and anyone else you communicate with on a personal and business level. Let them know this is a “must read” for every America-loving citizen.


Refer them to: 


If you have a website, please ad a link from your home page to this site and thank you for your sincere efforts in helping out. 


Come Together Right Now


We must come together to strategize and implement ideas, plans, under-funded, mismanaged, overlooked and ignored projects that have beneficial potential and worthy promise in the stated fields of interest. We cannot delay in getting America aggressively working for its citizens and get less dependent on foreign markets in which we are becoming more dependent in various industries. Innovation, fuels, textiles, metals, manufacturing, electronics, household goods, office supplies, technical assistance/support and other customer services are just a few. We must plant seeds and produce an environment that will encourage the mind of invention and innovation to grow and significantly flourish within our shores.


Are you an inventor? Are you a marketer? Are you an advertiser? Are you into delivery? Are you a manufacturer? Do you enjoy administrative responsibilities? Do you want to start a new business? Do you want to expand your current business? We need a place where we can connect and collectively make things happen.


We Must Clearly Understand: 


1.     Why these projects are absolutely necessary.

2.     Some of the reasons why our nation is facing its current financial complications and devastating setbacks. 

3.     Strategies that will be utilized to fulfill part of this rebuilding agenda.

4.     What we must do as individuals and as a people to correct problem areas within our American structure. We must effectively, thoroughly and lucratively get America and every interested American successfully and profitably back on track.


Forward Information


Please take a few moments to forward a personal letter on why this project is important to you, along with a link to this website to every media source you know of:


  • Local & National Newspapers
  • News Magazine Companies
  • Talk Show Hosts
  • News Departments At Radio Stations
  • On & Off-line News Media – Local & National
  • Billboard Companies
  • Any Other Media & Advertising Sources That Are Not Mentioned.  


Along with your short personal letter, a press release letter is also available on this website.


Thank you for your help and diligent efforts. Teamwork works fast. The only way we can effectively restore America is by coming together, meeting on common ground and getting it done as one. We can not delay. We are not getting any younger. There is no better time than right now. Our finances and national stamina can not afford any delays. Procrastination is not an option and is below our American Standard.


Who Is Looking Up To Us?


Our children and grandchildren are counting and depending on us to correct the problems of our generation. In no way, shape or form can we let them down. We brought them into this world. It is our responsibility to give them a world they can live in, with genuine peace and pure freedom. We need to assure them the opportunity to live healthy, successful lives and nothing less.


We must assure ourselves the opportunity to live respectable, healthy and reasonably relaxed lives, especially in retirement. Let us collectively get to business now, so we can individually gain these results. We certainly have what it takes.


A Requested & Valued Necessity  


Please inform:


  • Accountants
  • Alternative Health and Medical Practitioners
  • Constitutional-focused Attorneys
  • Crafts-persons
  • Designers
  • Draft-persons
  • Economists
  • Engineers
  • Highly Skilled Industry Writers including Writers of Software
  • Innovators
  • Inventors
  • Progressive Business People
  • Progressive Educators
  • Scientists
  • Technicians
  • Other individuals that you consider beneficial in speeding up the process in bringing this project to fruition.


If you know someone who you feel can integrate crucial participation in fulfilling any of the goals represented herein, please refer them to this website. Areas of urgent necessity are as follows:


  1. Quick & Comprehensive Marketing & Advertising Strategies.
  2. Rapid & Rock-Solid Business Building Techniques – On & Offline.
  3. Alternative Real Estate Investment Strategies.
  4. Alternative Investments: Paper Options & Effective, Cutting Edge Market Strategies.
  5. Realistic & Environmental Friendly Energy & Fuel Alternatives. 
  6. Natural Health & Nontoxic Medical Breakthroughs (Tested, documented, easy to learn and inexpensive healing methods, techniques and substances that restore  health; that do not have debilitating and inconvenient side effects; that do not just treat symptoms, but are actual and realistic cures).
  7. Organic Farming – Large & Small Operations.
  8. Alternative & Progressive Education Techniques For Every Age, Regardless Of An Individual’s Current Status, Level Or Disability In Every Field Of Study. (We can not be stifled as a people because of bureaucracies or special interests. Every individual, regardless of condition must have the option for self growth, improvement and aught to be able to share in the experience of restoring America. Every American is needed. Every American counts. You can make the difference. You can make it happen! Do not ever underestimate yourself.)
  9. Serious Innovation And Advancement In Every Field & Industry.
  10. Investigations.
  11. Research.
  12. Development.  


If you are an expert in any of these fields; if you have ideas that can become functional in improving any field or industry, or start a new field or industry, your prompt response, insight and experience are deeply appreciated and necessary. If you know anyone else that is a specialist in any of these fields, or if you know of a substantial work in progress, please contact them and/or forward this information to them. If you are, or know someone who is a Philanthropist, please do the same. By doing so, you can take a central role in fulfilling the restoration of America. Timing is especially crucial.


The Purpose Of Connecting With These Individuals Is To Effectively:


  1. Accumulate proper funding to present this project to all our fellow citizens.
  2. To properly staff the startup of this project.
  3. Spread this message throughout America.
  4. Build an aggressive, highly assertive, responsible and bold networking community so we can pool our abilities, insight and experiences together to get this project accelerating in the most effective and efficient ways possible.
  5. Brainstorm, setup, implement, manufacture and produce technologies, systems, formats, and methodologies to smoothly and effectively integrate this restoration project throughout our entire society and business sectors. 
  6. Implement workable business building strategies for our people, rebuild our middle class and generate a rich and thriving job market with decent, livable wages and acceptable benefits.   
  7. Implement ways to build up the Social Security System and increase compensation levels.
  8. Develop ways and integrate alternative tax paying methods for all Americans.
  9. Eliminate many medical complications and runaway medical expenses by integrating affordable and proven alternatives.  
  10. Lay groundwork that will effectively advance personal independence, health and wealth at individual, community and national levels.
  11. Return America to a leading role of the highest level of innovation, technology and invention.
  12. Return the great American Standard.


The Time Is Now


  • It is time we show ourselves all that we are fully capable of accomplishing and attaining when unreasonable, manipulative bureaucracies and meddling, intrusive special interests do not stand in our way.
  • It is time we individually and collectively excel in every way to achieve the best in which we are perfectly capable of fulfilling as a nation.
  • It is time to fully utilize every single one of our current technologies and take them to ever heightening and superior levels worthy of our citizens.
  • It is time to integrate every bit of know-how and insight among us into strategies and systems of beneficial quality performance in every area of American life.
  • It is time to produce the most wholesome way of life possible for every American citizen that wants it, and is willing to pitch in to generate this higher quality lifestyle.
  • It is time to empower ourselves and raise our standards at an individual level and go for it! When everyone does their fair share, it will not be a big strain on any one person. We definitely have what it takes – this is not even an issue.


Your Involvement Is Absolutely Necessary


Your sincere and realistic involvement is vital to the overall success of this project. This information is extremely important to every American citizen and the financial direction and future of our great nation. This project calls for teamwork and your help is absolutely necessary to make it work – no question about it.  


  1. Do not ever underestimate yourself or your abilities.
  2. You know more, and are capable of more than you might imagine or currently give yourself credit for.
  3. Be thankful for who you are – accept and fully utilize every talent and ability within yourself.
  4. Step out and advance your life like you never thought possible.
  5. Do not ever underestimate yourself or your abilities.
  6. You can do it! Develop those untapped skills within yourself and bring them to your conscious thought for thorough implementation – do not be afraid of them. Fully welcome them into who you are. Stop holding yourself back!
  7. You are more than able when given a realistic chance to go for it!  
  8. You are more than able when you give yourself a realistic chance to grow and expand your every horizon.
  9. Never underestimate yourself or your abilities. If you do, you will hinder yourself from becoming who you really are.
  10. Never underestimate yourself or your abilities – never entertain any such thoughts! Experience your entire value every single day of your life.


Thank you for your thoughtful consideration, your willingness to help and your sincere desire in keeping our nation the admirable “Land of Opportunity” that it is for future generations! 


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