Your Integral And Necessary Role



It is obvious you have your own specific goals in life. Every one of us does. More people are less likely to have the capacity to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. If you are a classic, dedicated and loyal American citizen, you have a willing heart to help causes that honor and respect all that America stands for and represents. You can greatly benefit this project in restoring America in tremendous ways. It does not matter how young or old you are. You are, and that is what makes all the difference in this world.  


If your standard of ethics and love for freedom with independence are high, your convictions and attitude are essential in keeping America the “Land of the Free”, the “Home of the Brave” and the “Land of Opportunity”. That is why your professionalism as a high quality individual and your patriotism as an American citizen are being called upon.  


The questions you are faced with:


  1. Are you willing to get focused on doing your fair share to bring successful American independent businesses back within our shores?
  2. Are you willing to support your fellow workers within our borders?
  3. Are you willing to encourage yourself while expanding and enhancing your own life?
  4. Are you willing to be an encouragement to others who are willing to do the same, or who may not have enough courage to step out yet?


Your personal willingness to do so is vital to the future of America, our financial stability and our ability to prosper. As you read on you will see the urgency of this project. Current conditions call for your immediate, wholehearted action.  


Go to the following website to see some clear-cut reasons (the runaway ticker) why we cannot afford to waste any more time. Your respect, dedication and loyalty to yourself, your loved ones, your fellow citizens and your nation are absolutely necessary.


If you want more proof, drive through our smaller cities and townships and look at all the commercial business real estate that has become vacant.


Our deficits are obviously unacceptable by anyone’s standards.


We know through time and experience that many unexpected things happen that affect the financial condition of America that we may or may not have any control over. For various and apparent reasons we must get all of America working effectively, eliminate our collective debts and successfully get on with our lives. We must look beyond the present and plan ahead. We must be reasonably prepared for the future. We must be sensibly ready for the uncertainties in life. We must make as stable of a foundation as possible for the future prosperity and well being of our children and grandchildren.


Strategies & Blueprints


Strategies presented within this project need integration processes to launch in 2005. A substantial amount of money is needed to afford the layout of the basic groundwork for the introduction and execution of this restoration project. We both know bold and focused diligence can make this happen with rapid motion.


Copyrights, inventions, formulas, systems; every plan and project brought to the table will be protected by law to give due credit and compensation to the parties that bring their plans, ideas and models to the development stage and marketplace. Workshops will be set up in local communities to integrate plans and projects into functional programs and products, which in turn will be introduced into the marketplace. It is your responsibility to catch the wave and ride the surf.



Areas That Require Some Old Fashioned Ingenuity,

Advancement, Modernization And Rapid Growth


  1. It is essential to gather a variety of diverse business methods. These methods will be integrated into various forms of business opportunities and job building infrastructures. These opportunities will be utilized to produce a wide array of economic building techniques and systems that will effectively work to restore profitable incomes for ourselves and our fellow citizens throughout America.


Our local people need the proper tools and insightful methods to rebuild their own communities into workable avenues of commerce throughout America. At the same time, independently owned and operated businesses need to link their purchasing power together to achieve lower wholesale rates at local community levels.


  1. It is necessary to utilize alternative methods in funding governmental expenses at local, state and national levels. The current tax structure is not designed to benefit most of us. It must be adjusted to benefit the necessities and requirements of all our citizens at a personal level and also in both business and job segments.


  1. It is of urgent necessity to formulate and put in operation alternative sources of energy and fuel to accommodate our way of life. These sources must be safe, conducive to a healthy environment, effective, uncomplicated to maintain and reasonably inexpensive. To think we can continuously pump oil out of our earth as if it is a bottomless pit is not using prudent forethought. We must be responsible in properly caring for the environmental stability of our planet and the economic stamina of our children and grandchildren. These are obtainable goals that simply have been neglectfully ignored.


  1. The pharmaceutical and medical industries are totally out of control. They are causing ruin to our American businesses and our individual health and well being. Their unrestrained charges, undisciplined actions and their methods of producing ways to alleviate symptoms and not to cure the underlying ailments are not acceptable. We can not and must not tolerate such actions. We have too much technology and ingenuity to allow all the suffering among us to continue. The pharmaceutical industry seeks out and develops drugs to pacify symptoms and not to cure our actual medical complications.


Much of the medical establishment sneers upon natural alternatives because the pharmaceutical companies cannot patent them. In turn, they can not make outrageous amounts of money in selling them. In turn, they would not be able to give kickback incentives to doctors to promote natural alternatives because the outlandish and irresponsible markups are just not there.


The astronomical markups take place when natural and other substance forms can be synthesized and then patented. Prescription drugs are specifically designed to address symptoms only. This is where the rip-off takes place. This is how repeat business is generated. This is why people have to keep taking drugs day after day and become legal addicts to these drugs, usually for life. The true ailment is never addressed.


Everyone knows many doctors prescribe more expensive drugs and receive perks from various pharmaceutical companies for doing so. There are less expensive and more effective drugs available but have lower profit margins. It is not likely we will see many, if any commercials advertising these prescription drugs.


Sickness Makes Money


The medical and pharmaceutical industries can only thrive when people are sick. Both the pharmaceutical and medical industries are businesses. They set up their operations to make their systems generate repeat customers. The term, patient, does sound comforting, but current reality demands we face the fact that we are paying customers. Our people are hooked on daily prescription drugs. We frequent ourselves at the local drug stores to get our daily fix.


You know you cannot get a prescription drug without the approval of a medical professional. We must pay for one to get the other. Doctor visits are too costly just to increase our overpriced drug dependencies.


Take A Strong And Solid Stand!


This is not a time to roll over and play dead. This is our individual health, well being and livelihood we are talking about. We cannot allow our emotions to override our reasoning sensibilities. Simple education in layman’s terms can convince any self-thinker to reasonably see the sense and value in alternative and wholesome methods and substances for the purpose of obtaining optimal health and well being.


Insight and ways to heal our actual medical problems are crucial if we want to start feeling good again and be restored to health. We cannot afford to be naïve when our health and well being are on the line. We must get more aggressive in integrating natural alternatives into our health regimen. More studies and research must be conducted. Balance must be obtained. We must demand more from our alternative health sources. The FDA must remove their favoritism toward pharmaceutical companies and reasonably open the doors to alternatives. Health can be obtained when the life is well balanced.


Course Of Action


We must have clear explanations and realistic understanding about natural alternatives and also prescription drugs.


·       It is essential to know the benefits and drawbacks of organic verses inorganic.

·       How natural methods and substances interact with our human body.

·       Why alternatives are so much more effective in healing many conditions.


·       How prescription drugs affect the entire human body.

·       How synthetic drugs interact with the natural body.

·       Why prescription drugs come with so many harmful precautions, dangerous side effects, and produce so many uncomfortable conditions.


We cannot be subject to organizations, special interests and businesses that use questionable practices, and utilize systems and our emotions for the purpose of gaining wealth at the cost of our personal health and well being. We must take more control over our individual health issues and become better informed. We must have safe, nontoxic alternatives to get well and stay healthy at a reasonable cost. This is certainly attainable considering our rapid advancements in our growing scientific and technological fields.


Consider This


Consider all the money we spend on healthcare, or what many people call it:  disease-care. Think about how dependent we are on drugs, as individuals and as a nation. You know things are terribly and seriously wrong when so many of us are still sick and diseased and steadily getting worse, when they claim they have so many wonder drugs. Any reasonable person will wonder what is really going on and wonder who is being taken for a money raping ride.


We are given no logical, reasonable or acceptable explanations on why so many of us continue to get sick and diseased considering our overwhelming technological and scientific advancements. We are not being told why diseases that used to only affect the elderly are now destroying our youth! We are being led, “hook in worm”, on the same lame medical promises of cutting edge breakthroughs we were told for the last 50 plus years. The only things that have changed are the strategies used to convince us to believe these money grubbing tactics.


If a procedure cannot generate thousands of dollars for a couple hours of medical attention, it is not given us as an option. If a drug cannot generate well over a hundred dollars per order, it is not generally promoted.


 Common Knowledge


It is clearly known that many people today, especially our older generation have a level of trust in systems and professionals more so than our younger generations. We must realize businesses use our level of trust for their advantage. Many systems do not care for us as much as we would like them to.


It is essential to develop an analytical spirit and weigh out the various matters we are confronted with. It is important to do some personal research in areas that affect our health and financial condition. We need to trust our own judgment based on facts and not effective commercialism or professional intimidation.


It is no secret that certain individuals, agencies and bureaucracies within our government have sold us out for a price and for perks. Let us be honest with ourselves. News reports tell us about some of these dirty dealings. We see them stated in political campaigns.


It is due time we demand real and intelligent answers and stop falling for slick sale pitches and deceit. We must stand up for ourselves and demand respectable service and nothing less. Aren’t you sick of seeing loved ones and acquaintances suffer from ill health? We have the technology to greatly improve such conditions and it does not have to be so insanely expensive.


What And Who Can We Believe?


It is getting more difficult to decipher who is telling the truth in all big business arenas; in the news, in politics, in all of government, in marketing and in advertising. We must become more analytical in separating hype from actual substance, delusion from reality, lies from truth and fiction from fact.


We must demand honesty, accuracy, non-bias, genuine truthfulness from all news sources, every politician, from business leaders and from ourselves – this can no longer be negotiable or compromised for a price. We need the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Inaccurate, misleading messages have got to go!  We can not and must not tolerate them any more.


Yes We Can


We are very close to healing many complications that are breaking down our American Fabric. Many of us do not realize we have the power to make these things happen. Many of us believe our individual voices are no longer heard and our values are no longer important. Many of us bit into an intimidating lie that has manipulated us into silence. As a nation, we have divided ourselves so much that we fail to stand together for our reasonable common goals.   


We can seriously cut our current medical expenses by utilizing the advancements and alternatives we presently have available to us. How do we rectify the problems that have plagued us? By individually and collectively taking a stand and demand our governmental employees do their rightful and assigned duties for the best interests of we the people, and not the corporate industry. Every American industry must be held to the highest standards possible and nothing less. We can not and must not tarnish our individual reputation or the reputation of our great nation.


It is the rightful duty of every American citizen to demand the highest level of quality service from government and from the corporate structure. When you pay a quality price for taxes and products you must not settle for service of a lesser value.


America is not a monarchy or dictatorship. It is up to us, the people, to demand respectable and accurate service from our public servants, the companies we do business with and nothing less.  


It is most obvious and well known that we have well intentioned, good hearted people in the medical field and in every American industry. Too often they are manipulated within their particular system to perform acts and procedures that are not conducive for the best interests of their customers. If they want to keep practicing or keep their position, they are pressed to do many things they do not agree with.


We all have bills to pay. In turn, we often tend to be manipulated in ways that stand against our better judgment. The medical field is no different. The medical system is what needs to be seriously and aggressively addressed and healed, just as it is with our various levels of government and other industries. Together, we can effectively and efficiently accomplish our necessities in respectable fashion.  


  1. Our education system has seriously fallen in comparison to other nations. Our youth are not properly challenged to succeed to their full capacity. Our youth are not taught in areas they need to be knowledgeable in. In turn, they do not have the know-how or tools to effectively deal with the world they are being forced to endure in. Education has been geared toward specialty training and global conformity.


We need to redefine education into a well balanced, well rounded system of learning. Our youth need to be well equipped to become prominent individuals in society, where they do not have to hire a professional team of assorted specialists for every day occurrences and necessities.  


Advanced methodologies and strategies must be implemented that will bring our youth to their full capabilities and nothing less. We can not and must not stagnate our youth! We must equip our students with access to mind stretching techniques and increased retention levels. They must be given the proper tools and education to develop ways, systems and projects that can enhance the way of life for their generation and ours. Our educational system must be the highest quality available. We cannot keep tolerating anything less.



No Reason To Underestimate


  1. There is no reason to ever underestimate the dexterity and fervent passion and zeal of all our American citizens.


  1. It is easy to believe in our people.


  1. There is no limit to what the Spirit of America can accomplish.


  1. There is endless power, strength, ability and tremendous success in teamwork.


  1. It is essential for every American citizen to fully understand and realize just how important America is, personally and to the world. There is much upheaval transpiring in America and around the world. We need to understand and know all that is truly at stake. We need to discern the difference between the smoke and mirrors and what the actual problems are, and to fully address each and every one of them. When we truly understand the real predicaments we face, we can collectively come up with real and legitimate solutions and be free from them.


It is time to delete deceit. Claiming ignorance cannot become an option. We must become a brighter beacon of light and hope to the world - no question about it. 


  1. It is time we fully grasp onto the brilliant capabilities and admirable talents we possess as individuals, as communities and as a nation.


  1. It is time to let the world know and clearly see how decent, caring and giving we Americans really are. We have to prove to ourselves and let the world clearly see we will not tolerate a government that fails to respectably serve its citizens.


  1. It is time for America to rise up to the calling of necessity and make America work like it has never before experienced!


  1. Our young, our middle aged and our elderly are being called to immediate action – each one of us to do our individual and indispensable part to bring our country to a distinguished and heightened level of honesty, success and greatness – a country to be truly admired and cherished.


  1. Every American citizen of every ethnic background and creed are being called to meet on common ground; to help restore our individual and nation’s economic strength and well being. Division will only instigate our demise.


You know the old saying that still holds true today: “United we stand and divided we fall.” We are definitely falling as a nation and it is time to climb back to the top of the mountain; it is time to clearly see once again; to see the whole, entire picture and breathtaking scene of what America can yet become!


  1. Every American citizen is being called upon to put their personal prejudices aside; to accept the talents and abilities of each American citizen and to fully disregard the color of anyone’s skin, any handicap, any disability. It is time to accept the fact that each one of us has our own particular shortcomings that those around us choose to tolerate.


  1. Every American citizen is being called, whether healthy, sick or challenged in any capacity; to do your reasonable share to restore what we are compromising and have lost as a free and caring people at personal, local community and national levels.


  1. Together, we can show ourselves and the world what the human spirit can accomplish when we stand together and work as one.


  1. We can show the world the genuine value of individual freedom, personal privacy and individual rights.


  1. We can reveal to every person around the world that they individually and collectively have what it takes to accomplish great achievements; that they are indispensable to their own particular nation; that they too can advance their own people in ways not yet realized or experienced.


  1. When a person is simply given a fair and realistic chance to grow, that person will attain success. Current governmental expenses, disorganization and wasteful spending, political favoritism – especially toward big businesses, red tape, medical complications and expenses, escalating energy and fuel costs and lack of advanced, effective education are hindering us from excelling. By reasonably and sensibly removing our current, unnecessary roadblocks, we will gain an incredible amount of capability to far exceed our current expectations, individually and collectively.


  1. When an individual is given reasonable space to succeed, that person will use every effort they can muster to accomplish the goals and ambitions that are alive inside them.


  1. No person and no government have any right or authority to hinder the human spirit from accomplishing all they have been designed and called to do for the benefit and well being of humanity. Each of us has this burning desire within us. Though some of us may have allowed circumstances to squelch this inner zeal; nevertheless, it is still inside each of us, awaiting you to rekindle the flame and reawaken the spirit.


  1. This restoration project calls for movers and shakers that are sound in judgment, responsible in decisions and ethical in deployment. If you do not consider yourself a mover or a shaker you may have underestimated your abilities. You may have placed unrealistic limitations on yourself. You may have not recognized some of your inner talents. The true American Spirit may have become obscured to you.


It is time for you to grow, expand and blossom like never before. You cannot afford to overlook anything or any part of your life. Look up and grasp onto all that you are! The world needs you to live your life to your full potential and nothing less. Go for it! You have what it takes. Deep down you know you do! It is time to make every bit of who you are work for yourself and the ones you love.  


  1. It is time we share the wonderful gifts of moral support and encouragement to every individual we communicate with; that each of us can reach out and do what we have been gifted to fulfill!


We Definitely Have What It Takes


We are equipped with an incredible amount of talent, ability, ingenuity, enthusiasm, enterprise and skill. We have been cunningly and subtly contoured into believing we must depend on government to come up with all the answers. In this, we have compromised our individual and collective abilities to imagine, invent, design and implement. The government has obliged itself in taking advantage of its position to the point where it is costing us way too much to run; to the point where its right hand is not sure what its left hand is doing.


We must get government back in control where it can properly function for us and not against us. America is of, by and for the people. We are not here to function for the government; the government is in place to function for each and every one of us. America must meet on common ground. On common ground is where we find and obtain our strength, vitality and where we flourish as individuals, as communities and as a nation.




We simply need the proper groundwork laid so we can run with everything we already possess within ourselves. We must come together to assure and fulfill our common goals. The more constructive, beneficial and practical input that can now be gathered,


  1. The swifter we can restore our American business and job opportunity sectors to their rightful positions.


  1. The sooner we can properly set up other industries in ways that will work for us, so we can live and grow successfully as a people and nation.


  1. The sooner we will start feeling great about who we are as individuals, as local communities and as a nation.


Through collective individual involvement, we can bring America to a place we have not yet realized!


It has been erroneously said that there are no new developments or technological breakthroughs that can generate new growth, outstanding business opportunities or new job markets. Such individuals have obviously chosen self-defeat and may not be able to recognize opportunity if it was on the tip of their own nose. I am glad most Americans have not given up on dreaming, aspiring, stepping out, achieving and making great experiences happen!  


You Can Make The Difference – Yes, You!


You can take an integral role in bringing this extremely crucial project into swift reality. There is no time to lose. You possess experience, wisdom, energy, skill and insightfulness. Right now these dynamics that you possess are vital. Your vigor is indispensable for the purpose of integrating these advantageous and profitable factors throughout our entire American fiber and fabric. These valuable priorities are necessary to gain the vibrancy to fulfill the restoration of our great land of America in your own specific community.


The urgency of this project is no hidden secret. Current conditions call for your immediate local action, which in turn, will absolutely generate nationwide results. We must work together now. We cannot afford to sink any lower as a nation. Your local community needs your loyal and dedicated involvement and service.


No One Like You – You Are Special  


There is no other person just like you. We cannot become a whole nation unless you choose to live your life to your full potential and prominent capacity. Do not hinder yourself in any way. Stand up for your rights so we can produce a climate in America that is totally conducive to individual and collective success at every level of American life.


Take on your serious and necessary role in bringing this project to thorough fruition. Your help is sincerely needed and deeply appreciated. America needs you. That is why you are being called to action.


Spread this message across America to your family, friends and associates like the beautiful leaves that sprinkle themselves all around us in the stunning autumn season. Do it now and thank you for your sincere interest and involvement in doing your fair share. Step out and take on that integral role in bringing this extremely crucial project into swift reality. No one else can do what you can personally accomplish – no one. 


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