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National Sovereignty & Independence


It is discomforting and irresponsible that the independent governments around the world are becoming more dictated by fewer people in positions of government, commerce and monetary control. The United Nations is gaining more permission and authority in manipulating the laws of our various nations and finding intrusive ways to fund itself.


Some of their financial and moral dealings are coming into question, and they are unwilling to disclose information that requires close scrutiny and investigation. Their ongoing attempt to take control of the internet is another discomforting action. This takeover is for the purpose of forming a system of taxation for themselves as the world government. Through the “Law of the Seas Treaty”, they have already taken a great amount of control over all the activities that occur throughout our oceans.  


If any nation allows the implementation of a worldwide structure of taxation to form, we will never see the end of it. Individual governments are not willing to control their own systems of taxation. How does anyone think it will be controlled and kept in check on a worldwide scale? Americans commonly believe we no longer have any say about how we are taxed. Worldwide taxation? We do not even want to open that avenue!  


It can be assumed that the United Nations can take a helpful role in communicating with the various nations around the world in certain capacities. Such an organization must also be held in check when it comes to individual Sovereignty of the independent nations and states. Certain levels of disclosure must also be a necessity from such an organization.


State Sovereignty


In America we must defend the Sovereignty of our individual states. We do not want to be herded into a single vote in world decision making. Every separate entity must hold its own voice.


England, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Egypt, Nigeria, Madagascar, Botswana, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Chili, Peru, Mexico, Japan, India, China, the Philippines, New Zealand, Queensland, New South Wales, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, British Columbia, Quebec and every other individual Sovereignty has right to their individual voice. In like manner, Wisconsin, Washington, Texas, New York, California, Florida, Alaska and every other state/Sovereignty must retain its independent status. We cannot allow compromise in this area considering the fast pace movements taking place in world organization.


Careful Observations – A Must


It is of the utmost importance to sustain citizens that want to remain independent and free; who honor individual rights and uphold personal privacy – this can not be compromised. Manipulating independent nations into conforming to totalitarian rule is unacceptable and must not be tolerated.  


The Charter of the United Nations must be closely analyzed and scrutinized to see exactly what they stand for, promote and believe in. As always, what is between the lines must be fully understood. The U.N. has various flaws when it comes to integrity in their current limited role. It would be irresponsible to give them more authority. That kind of trust demands proven consistency which the U.N. has not even come close to fulfilling.


The people of the nations must have access to accurate information on the operations the U.N. is attempting to enact since they want to have more say in our lives. We must have access to documentation of questionable activity going on in any body that is adversely affecting people. This is not unreasonable and we must demand proper disclosure. If there is nothing to hide, there is nothing to lose.


The distinction between individual personal privacy and public accountability must be clearly differentiated.


Individual privacy must be honored and respected. Offices, departments and other public positions and agencies must give more of an open book policy with matters that concern the citizens as with bureaucracies.  


At the same time, independent and national security must be honored and respected as long as it is not being used for a cloak to cover injurious activities against the citizens of a nation or nations. This world is here for all people to enjoy. We cannot be intimidated by a handful of greedy, self centered rulers and sly intimidators that want to manipulate the conscience of the people.


When you have a bushel of apples and notice one that is rotting, you remove the rotten one so the rest can remain healthy.


Learning Lessons


We must learn the lesson that is right in front of our face, here in America. Our government is too big, too obtrusive, becoming too intrusive and too demanding on us. Our government is not watching out for our common and best interests. How much more would a worldwide government be inclined to overstep its boundaries; especially a government that is not forthcoming of questionable information about itself?


This world, with all its diverse nationalities and backgrounds; how could a single government consider a form of rule that would not interfere with individual freedom and rights? That much control requires more manipulation than any people should accept.


It is hard for us to find politicians that have the backbone and are willing to defend our individual freedoms and rights here in America. How much more difficult it would be to try to find individuals that would be able to function and defend us in a system that would attempt to control all 6 billion of us?


The current system of election in America is already designed to make it nearly impossible for a person of modest monetary wealth and limited popularity to become a candidate of office at a state and national level. A world governmental system would not condone free election. Position would be by assignment. That assignment would not be by the people of the nations. We need to use prudent reasoning skills in what we are doing. We need to be careful in what we are allowing to take place.  


Globalization - Whose Order?


The term “Globalization” has for the most part taken the place of the term “New World Order”. There is no difference except that Globalization does not sound as manipulative and controlling as the New World Order.


Level The Field And Eliminate Sovereignty And Independence 


The concept of globalization is great. Whether the actual intent truly promotes individual rights and true freedom with genuine independence for the people of the independent nations is another serious question to ask ourselves. The way multinational, multi-corporations are instigating wage controls, medical benefit reductions and the elimination of retirement benefits is obviously reason for serious concern.


It appears that globalization is not based on the principles that made America “The Land of the Free”, “The Home of the Brave” and “The Land of Opportunity”. It is made up of rules and regulations that promote personal conformity to world order. There are serious contradictions toward individual freedom, rights and personal privacy that we must pay attention to.


Our current government has greatly distanced itself from us. How much more distant would a world government be from the people, considering most of the body would not even be from an American heritage, or a heritage of any particular nation. In time, fairness toward independent and individual Sovereignty would be swept away. Individual thought would have no place in such a system. If we the people of the nations fail to demand full accountability and performance from our individual governments now, we may not be able to later.


Double Trouble


Not only is world government gaining more control, but economic separation is also forming clear lines of division; the extremely wealthy on one end, and everyone else on the other end. If we fail to regenerate and keep stable independently owned and operated businesses throughout our societies, more control and manipulation will be initiated by the large corporate structure. Shame on us if we allow any such conditions upon our children.


As always, individual responsibility is key to genuine freedom, indisputable independence, authentic rights and true personal privacy. If we fail to speak up as a people now, we will not have a voice of distinction later.  Every one of us needs to grasp onto the sobering and humorless nature of all that is actually transpiring around us, locally and worldwide.


Proper & Loyal Representation


The mega wealthy can afford to look out for their own selves, find out what most of us cannot afford to look into, and hire lawyers to protect their assets and avoid paying substantial taxes. What has been observed throughout the world is that most citizens of the various nations do not have proper representation. The citizens of the world want to be free and independent, but there are fewer individuals that are willing to stand up and defend them.


Sadly, this has also become more common in America where we supposedly have guaranteed proper representation. Most people just want to live simple, contented, easy going lives. Governments, multi-corporate industries and international commerce are making this much more difficult to obtain right now. It gets easier to see every day that the individual governments are not doing their rightful and independent duties for their people.


Obviously we are mature and intelligent enough as a people to take on our own responsibilities as individuals, as independent communities, as states and as nations. Still, more governments are less inclined to let their people be free. They tell us it is for our own good. There are safety issues that must take priority. This is a sales pitch no one should be nibbling on.


It is a matter of collectively getting serious in fully prosecuting the very small minority of society that chooses to conduct criminal activity stateside and abroad. Most people of the nations do not like criminals. Criminals severely complicate and often ruin our lives in many ways.


We can certainly work together on a worldwide scale to see that justice is done when conditions call for such actions. Sovereign nation can work with Sovereign nation for the people of their lands. We can certainly increase the quality of our lives when the people that are working hard to complicate and ruin them are not running rampant throughout our country sides.  


Really, Whose War Is It?


Leaders, claimed leaders, institutions and governments get us into wars – not the governed. We the people are just used to fight their wars. It is time the people of the nations stand up and say, that is enough! No sane person from anywhere around the world wants their family member or friend going off to war. We must find peaceful ways of confrontation that support good will and necessity – not violence and bloodshed. The nations of the world, including ours, claim to be civilized societies. It is about time we all step up to the plate and prove it!  


We must hold ourselves accountable for our own actions and decisions. We must also hold our representatives completely liable in fulfilling their assigned duties – this is absolutely nonnegotiable. If they fail to fulfill their appointed responsibilities, we as a people are held responsible to remove them from position and find individuals that will perform their assigned obligations perfectly. The citizens of the individual nations around the world must take a stand for their own selves if they are not pleased with their current governmental status quo.  


When we fail to keep individual governments independent throughout the world, control and manipulation will infiltrate the laws of all lands. How many times does history have to prove this to us? We cannot allow systems that do not honor and respect genuine individual freedom, rights and privacy to control systems that do. There is no lower grade of disservice a citizenry can allow upon themselves than this.


Sales Pitches Can Become Extremely Effective   


At one time, most of the world thought communism was the best rule of government. Everyone found out how disrespectful such dictatorial rule became. In America, we know we have what works and must not compromise what has faithfully and consistently sustained us for over 200 years. What has been accomplished in America is why people from all around the world want to become American citizens. We must unflinchingly uphold and defend what we have. It is essential to share our way of life with other interested nations. We must also get back to the basics of our Constitution and Bill of Rights before we become that which we are not.  


Business Industries


  1. There are fewer individuals in charge of, and/or in control of American and worldwide commercial industries and the currencies of the world - the reigns keep tightening.


  1. Third world countries are being lifted up in corporate and economic status.


  1. America and other industrialized nations are being lowered in economic strength as our small, medium and larger independently owned and operated business sectors continue to deteriorate. 


  1. An increasing and critical number of businesses in America are not American businesses, but foreign owned and/or operated and/or controlled entities – we are losing our individuality and respected standard as a nation. The ingredients that made America the sought out land of the world are being replaced with crude and distorted substitutes. This is unacceptable. We cannot allow the extremely wealthy to manipulate the incredible standards our forefathers and mothers worked so hard for and gave their lives to establish.


  1. American medium and larger sized businesses are being bought out by national and multinational conglomerates at accelerated rates. At the same time, small businesses are being eliminated from our towns and cities.


  1. A growing number of independently owned and operated medium and even larger sized businesses have been, and continue to be forced out of business because of their inability to compete against oversized multi-corporations, chain businesses and third world markets.


  1. Disappointingly, the high multinational corporate structure is greatly benefiting in this new move toward a one world order/globalization. The people of the nations have no choice but to conform to the rules and compensation dictated by these institutions. Our options are becoming few. This is what happens when small and medium sized businesses are strategically eliminated and when smaller governments give away their authority. Smaller businesses and reasonable paying jobs are replaced with substandard incomes that are rampant throughout chain and multinational corporations.


  1. Third world countries continue to undercut our stateside industries because of their very low cost of living.


  1. Many positions that have been outsourced to third world countries are gaining substantial incomes considering their present cost of living expenditures. No wonder they work so hard to keep them.  


  1. Many companies found it favorable to leave America because of our higher standards in environmental protection and to avoid cleaning up the toxic mess they made and left behind. As usual, our government let them get away with it. As usual, we citizens are stuck with the bill of cleaning it all up and dealing with the continued effects of their carelessness.


Smaller overtaxed and economically challenged communities are heavily burdened with demolishing, often huge buildings left behind by companies that left our borders and left our workers behind. Many of these buildings are outdated and were constructed with toxic materials that make it that much more expensive to clean up and remove.


  1. Corporations saw they could move into third world countries where the environmental standards are very low and where employees work for very low wages, according to our standards. The pollution they are now creating in other nations will eventually affect us back here, but obviously they do not care.


Temporal profits make certain individuals shortsighted while burdening others that are left with no choice but to deal with the negligence. As so commonly happens, the masses suffer because of the few. Smaller businesses are easy to keep in check. Larger corporations gain favor from politicians and are given permission to function in more uncontrolled settings.


Money talks and buys the conscience of too many people. This is especially true of individuals who focus on themselves more than on the good will of others. The common tendency of good will which has always been prevalent among most American people must be renewed in every area of our society.


  1. Huge amounts of profits and jobs are leaving our local communities and national borders every day. In certain aspects America is beginning to resemble a sinking ship. Only through the collective efforts and concerted determination of every American citizen will our deteriorating condition be able to firmly and gallantly set sail through the unchartered currents that are still before us.  


Economic Realities


Let us use conservative estimates to see what we have lost in the last few years through current free trade agreements and outsourcing:


Let us say that 2 million American jobs went into foreign markets. Say the average income for these American jobs was $10.00/Hr, which is a low estimate. 2 million times $10.00 equals 20 million dollars per hour lost from the livelihood of our fellow American citizens. Multiply that by 40 hours which is a typical work week. That comes to 800 million dollars removed from our wallets and purses. That is how much income Americans and America have lost per week using the projected figures.


Now multiply that by 52 weeks to see how much we have lost per year. This comes to a total of 41 billion, 600 million dollars per year. If the average pay for the 2 million jobs that were lost was $15.00 per hour, which is a little more realistic of a figure, that would be 62 billion, 400 million dollars per year siphoned from our local, state and national economies.


We are not talking about lose pocket change; we are talking about the money we use to pay for our bills, our livelihood and for the necessities of our local communities and infrastructures. Some estimates claim the job losses have been as many as 6-8 million. Obviously our government does not want us to know how badly they have financially ruined our people and economy. To cover up discrepancies, we receive mixed messages and inaccurate figures and statistics. Just as easy as it is to manipulate polls, so it is in manipulating figures and statistics.


What Else


What else has America lost because of free trade and outsourcing?


  • If you figure in all the businesses that employed these workers, and the profits derived from those businesses, many that are now out of business; the monetary amounts begin to boggle the mind.
  • Then factor in the taxes that are lost from lost jobs and businesses.
  • Add on unemployment benefits.
  • Add on uninsured medical expenses of the unemployed.


The ripple effects seem to have no end. The true effects keep coming out with time.  Many of the devastations have not yet been realized or experienced. Low interest rates and increased debt are temporarily keeping us afloat instead of bringing us into more of a bankrupt condition.


  • We still have to pay for all the extra debt and interest we are accumulating.
  • We still have to recover from all the losses we are still going through.
  • We have to catch up on all the work that has been set aside because of the lack of sufficient funds along with everything else that will be lacking attention until we reach actual recovery.


This is certainly not a time to panic, but it is an opportunist time to get serious with everything that is going on, prioritize, and work at fixing it all. Collectively, we can definitely attain the success we need for realistic and reliable recovery.   


Employment statistics show some improvement, but consider how many of these jobs pay less, are part time or temporary positions or are seasonal jobs. Consider all the people that gave up on filing for unemployment altogether. Consider the lower medical coverage and an ever increasing cost of living. Obviously, we are not being told the whole entire story. Strangely, some people in positions of influence do not think we are capable of handling the whole truth.


  • Also consider a lot of the money we had in our nation is out of our own economic circulation and stimulation.
  • Then consider all the money Americans are spending in the purchases of merchandise, services and etc., in which our workers no longer produce, but are manufactured and serviced by foreign workers.


It is not some strange phenomenon that our financial growth is sluggish. Just because large corporations are getting larger through buyouts and expansion into third world countries does not mean our overall economy is improving or growing at reasonable rates. Just because certain corporations are keeping the stock markets at certain levels does not mean we are in reasonable recovery.


How often are we told the stock market is readjusting or correcting itself whenever it takes a dramatic fall? It may sound legitimate, but it is nothing more than market-hype, or what many people refer to as smoke and mirrors. It is market/business instability and manipulation. It is a siphoning technique to take your money from you. It is a collection of various reasons that are intentionally not being explained to us.


The One, Two Punch


We are looking at hundreds of billions of dollars every year that have been removed from our workers, our business sectors, our local communities and our nation. We have increased the expenses of our people that are gainfully employed, the ones that have businesses and our retired citizens. The ones that have money have to support the ones that do not. The trade deficit continues at its appalling figures.


It is only we the people that can rebalance the economic shift that has taken place. We can do this when we all start working together for our common goals, interests and necessities.


Tax Rebates 


The tax rebates many of us received and the ones that are still promised were a nice gesture; a Band-Aid in effect, but a nice gesture. It reminds me of the story about giving some fish to feed a person for a day, or give the person the right tools and knowledge so the person can feed their own self for life.


Our government provided ways for our jobs to leave us. They send most of us a pittance of a rebate check for all that we struggle to pay in every year. This money needs to work collectively to restore our businesses, jobs and education at local community levels. Sure, a couple extra hundred dollars comes in handy anytime we can get it. Our real strength is not in a very small rebate check, but in steady flowing, bill paying, and life enjoying incomes. Our real strength is in making sure every American that wants to work receives a worthy income for a job well done.


  • When everyone that wants to work gets back to work.
  • When we let the crooks and scoundrels in and around government and among ourselves know they will not get away with their disrespectful activities and fully prosecute them.
  • When we close the loopholes that allow individuals, companies and institutions to indiscriminately milk tax dollars or short change the tax system.
  • When we slim line government where it works with greater efficiency, which it can.
  • When we eliminate politicians who fail to use shrewd economic scrutiny in governmental spending.


When we effectively get moving in this direction, then we can implement a simple tax structure that will reasonably lower the burden on every one of us. This is obtainable in a reasonable amount of time when we work together to fulfill our common goals and objectives. These are not complicated procedures. It is just a matter of knowing the facts and collectively getting it done.


What Happens When The People Of A Nation

Fail To Pay Proper Attention

And Allow Extreme Division Among Themselves?


We have been pushed into a world market. Many say it has been shoved down our throats. There are certainly health issues that will arise from so much merchandise, food stuffs and other products being shipped here from all around the globe. If anyone likes it or not, this is the situation we are in. It is up to all of us, collectively, to turn our current unnecessary predicaments into blessings, and regain our prosperity as individuals and as a nation, and we can.


We slacked off as a people. We slacked off on innovation, modernization, education and accountability. We wanted government to take on more of our own individual responsibilities. We became more intolerant of many of our own people because they are different. We became too finicky, in that we wanted everything just the particular way we individually wanted everything to be. We became shortsighted in failing to look at the whole, entire picture.


Such situations take place when a nation takes advantage of their successes and also takes their freedom and rights for granted. Such situations take place when we lose focus on our collective common goals, interests and objectives as a people and nation.


While we Americans were patting ourselves on the back, the rest of the world took advantage of what we were taking for granted. Others took our inventions, innovations, technology and advancements to new, improved and more economical heights.  


Americans Are Rebounders


To regain what we lost and to excel beyond what we had, we must make swift adjustments and enhancements to be able to function at a world wide scale. The low cost of living in third world countries cannot hinder us from becoming competitive and raising our income levels. Therefore, we must get to our drawing boards and recreate our business strategies, formats and spending habits. We must rekindle our progressive frame of mind and embrace our charitable spirit among ourselves with a renewed sense of passion and fervor.


We must make alterations, modifications and in certain instances, completely overhaul methods and techniques that have now become outdated. We must reenergize our innovative and competitive spirit. We must adjust our neglected systems in ways that will reconstruct the quality of our living standards and the value of our dollar.


Selective Trade


Common sense says free trade must become selective trade. We must trade with nations that are willing to accommodate our economy as much as we are willing to accommodate their financial system. If countries refuse to accept balanced trade, we simply purchase minimal necessities from them if necessary. We focus our attention on dealing with nations that are willing to be fair in trade practices. Just because we have free trade does not mean we have to trade with everyone and anyone.


Turning the trade deficit around is in our collective hands, fellow citizen. Governments foolishly set up the trade policies and agreements the way they did. It is in the hands of, we the people to decide the quantity and quality of the businesses and jobs that will be available to us based on the labels of the merchandise we purchase.


Is it made, produced, assembled, manufactured and serviced in America, or in a nation that reasonably trades with us or not? If not, look for merchandise that is. We must make accurate and thorough trade levels between the various nations public record. How else can we know who our true allies really are?


Depending if we buy from ourselves, nations willing to adhere to balanced trade or with nations that want it all for themselves will determine our own financial fate. By this and demanding governmental fiscal responsibility will get us back on track in a reasonable time frame.


Who Is Supporting Who?


We must become knowledgeable of stateside businesses that are transferring our jobs to foreign markets. We must favor our stateside corporations that are working hard and struggling to revamp and modernize their businesses to employ our own citizens. This is not a complicated puzzle to put together.


We pressed ourselves between a rock and a hard place. If we so choose, this can become a tremendous blessing or a more distressing nightmare. It is imperative that we come together and work to fulfill our common goals and objectives, which most certainly includes our own job markets. What we do collectively, will determine if we soar out and above our current predicaments, or if we continue to deteriorate and keep going down together as an entire nation. Believe it or not, the choice is yours. Believe it or not, we need to decide now or the overall quality of our lifestyles will continue to decline.


We Do Not Have To Bite Into Their Sales Pitch


  1. We cannot allow ourselves to become pawns to multi-corporations or foreign manipulation. We must guard and defend our own interests because no one else will. Every human in every nation has the right to conduct their own life according to their personal choosing as long as the rights, privacy and safety of others are not compromised. This way of life is not exclusive to the extremely wealthy, but it is becoming that way. We cannot compromise our liberty. We must defend it perfectly.   
  2. We cannot allow foreign or stateside special interests to manipulate us into beliefs that contradict our established way of life. We have proven our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our American Standard for over 200 years. In their purity, we have the best this world has ever seen and experienced.  
  3. We cannot allow special interests to maneuver us into practices that are not conducive to the good will, neighborly kindness and individual prosperity that we have come to respect and appreciate in America.  
  4. We cannot allow special interests to conform us into dictates that do not have our best and sound interests at heart! We have to assure our children and grandchildren sound footing and strength – there can be no unreasonable compromising. 


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