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Let Us Be Realistic


It is easy to say, everything is fine. There are no serious problems. Everyone carry on and do not worry about a thing.


There comes a time when a person has to open their own eyes and use their own head and see exactly what is going on for their own self. We are definitely living in one of those times. Let us get down to the facts:


  • Chain and multinational corporations get huge discounts and can manipulate what they pay for their purchases because of their ability to buy in bulk.
  • An increasing number of stateside wholesale businesses are seriously struggling just to make ends meet because of their inability to compete with third world markets.
  • Many stateside suppliers cannot afford to wholesale their products for the low prices that can be obtained from third world countries. Paying themselves and their employees reasonable living wages and supplying practical benefits, are becoming a heartbreaking and extremely difficult challenge; this is especially true among smaller independent companies.
  • It is only the individual consumers that can demand retailers sell and provide more stateside manufactured and supplied products and services. Though it will cost more, that is what it takes to keep America growing instead of deteriorating. We cannot neglect our own people and our own necessities. By doing so, we eventually ruin our own neighborhoods.
  • Medium sized businesses continue to sell out to larger corporations or are forced to shut down. Many are taking a profit now instead of taking a chance in being crushed later.
  • A growing number of large American businesses are becoming nothing more than storefronts within our nation. More of these businesses are outsourcing American jobs to foreign employment and purchasing their inventories and merchandise from foreign production suppliers. They mainly have their administrative buildings here, but more of their services and production plants are employed in other countries.


Changing Hands


There are rapid takeovers going on in stateside and worldwide market industries. We are losing our economic opportunities and personal freedoms at accelerated rates. For these reasons, we must hold fast to what made America great. If we want to remain the sought out land of the world and sustain our common quality way of life, we must continuously advance our innovative cutting edge and our higher levels of income.


It is not a safe or healthy condition when commerce is brought under the manipulation of a small number of individuals or entities. When governments abuse their privileges and positions and cater to big businesses, while neglecting the people they claim to serve; that nation is doomed for heartache, misery and woe.


Whether intentional or not, the current direction is gearing to accommodate the mega wealthy and make the lives of the rest of us more difficult and frustrating. We can clearly see this is starting to take a much stronger hold in America.


Warning Signs


When we allow a system to form where there are consistently fewer individuals controlling the governments and commercial industries that service over 6 billion of us, individuality and freedom will become less prevalent.


  1. Manipulation will accelerate in dictating the kind of life individuals will be allowed to live.
  2. People will become more clone-like in nature because individuality will become socially less acceptable.
  3. Most of the middle class will continue to join the ranks of the lower class.
  4. Many that are currently in the higher ranks will also find themselves sinking lower on the economical ladder of success.
  5. We will be told how much we can and cannot do as individuals and as individual societies.
  6. Unreasonable, unfair and restrictive regulations will become more commonplace among the people.
  7. We will become more limited in what we can afford as individuals, communities and nations.
  8. We will be told what our options will be, what our way of life will consist of, and how much we can prosper as individuals and as societies.  
  9. More of our rights and opportunities of ownership will continue to be turned into privileges.
  10. Our individual rights and personal privacy will continue to diminish.
  11. We will be fashioned to think more alike, to live in similar ways and to forfeit independent thought. Commercialism, media and commercialized news reporting are already forming this aspect into reality.
  12. Freedom will be sacrificed for a form of security that has no real protection for the individual or the people as a whole. 


Do you question any of these points mentioned? That would be difficult to do, considering most if not all people are already experiencing them to various degrees.


You do not change/conform a world overnight. With time, patience and incessant persistence you whittle away at a nation’s fiber and fabric and way of life slowly enough to where the people tolerate it. When the momentum gains enough strength and conditions are molded to produce the desired results, the slam dunk is not that difficult to finalize.


We aught to seriously consider who is servicing who anymore? Are governments and corporations here to service us, or are we ending up servicing them?    




Anyone Can See How Effective Advertising Has Become.


Case in point is the pharmaceutical industry in bypassing the medical institution to peddle their drugs straight to the general public. Instead of doctors using their own proper discretion in properly prescribing a more accurate medication to their customers, the pharmaceutical companies are advertising their most expensive drugs as the cure all for your various maladies, and are using every source of media to do it. 


Businesses thrive on repeat customers. Most of us want to believe others are looking out for our best interests, but how naïve will we allow ourselves to become? The pharmaceutical industry is a huge business. Businesses do what they must to make as much money as they possibly can. To be plain and simple, for the pharmaceutical and medical industries, there is very little money made in curing people.


Separate Your Emotions From Your Reasoning Skills And Aptitude


The commercials and advertisements used by pharmaceutical corporations are typically filled with joyfulness, fun, blue skies, relief, comedy, frolicking children and adults; commercials with sexual connotations, physical agility, peace of mind and a multiple array of pleasurable and enticing methods and phraseologies to convince you to tell your doctor exactly what you want. Just like any commercial, they are designed to convince you to do and believe whatever they are promoting and advertising. They are spending billions of dollars every year to do it in spite of the increased cost to you. .


All this is regardless to the fact that only a very few of us have a pharmaceutical education; few of us really know the intricacies of the human body and the countless chemical responses that continually take place inside our bodies. Everyone knows about the horrific side effects caused by pharmaceutical drugs and the multiple uncomfortable, damaging and even fatal injuries that they produce. Still, more people continue to rush off to their local doctor for their monthly prescription to get their daily fix. 


Now, more Americans are going to other nations just to purchase the drugs they want. Why do the pharmaceutical companies charge Americans so much more compared to other nations? As was said earlier, it is business. Business has taken on a form that you make as much as you can wherever you can. The patent is what assures them their astronomical markups. In certain aspects, business lost its conscience.  


Wise And Intelligent Scrutiny


We must as a nation and more important, as individuals, seriously look at and examine everything we subject ourselves to. Often throughout the day we allow worry, stress, anxiety, fears and various other emotional reactions to flood our minds in ways that run down the energy we have. It is essential that we think more constructively in analyzing all the variations we are bombarded with every day.


Yes, it takes time and thought. It is better to use your energy in procuring solutions rather than stagnating yourself in perceived obstacles or actual problems. Do you want to advance and better yourself, or do you want to tear yourself down in defeat and feel miserable in the process? We must fully utilize every bit of intelligence we have been blessed and gifted with. The ones we pay to look out for our best interests are not fully doing their assigned duties.


At times we must hold our emotions in check and think more assertively and intellectually. We must think more diligently for ourselves instead of selling out to effective advertising and self-opinionated speeches and one-liners. Just because someone convincing and/or in an authoritative position says something, does not mean it is true, accurate or trustworthy. It just means they want to gain a specific outcome for whatever reason, or they were trained to think and work in a limited, close-minded capacity.


Just because a commercial is very effective in playing with your emotions, obviously does not mean the company has your best and necessary interests in mind.


We must dissect sales gimmicks and see them for what they really are – sales pitches to convince you to their way of thinking. Politicians use them all the time, especially during elections. Honesty and accuracy do not even seem to be relevant factors in many instances. It is sad what we have allowed ourselves to become in many ways.


Freedom Has A Price


If you want individual freedom you must educate yourself and become more of an independent thinker. You can not believe everything you see on television, read in the paper or magazine or hear on the radio. If you subscribe to a cattle-like mentality, you will be herded into various categories that are not of your own choosing. Your life will not become what they portray it will become just because you buy into their sales pitch. Individuals and companies will become what they want to become, because you bit, or bought into what they wanted you to believe.   


We have a media that is a chain reaction of repetition. News reporting has taken on more of a soap opera type mentality with increased dramatization of very limited happenings from around the world. We hear the same stories on television, on radio and read the same things on the printed page. Then we see, hear and read about the same stories day after day and sometimes month after month.


Six billion plus people have a lot going on. Where are the rest of the stories? We need to demand the reporting of more real issues that are based on in-depth journalistic investigations. We need to demand real news that affects our way of life instead of entertainment and box office hits. Entertainment information and programming is fine, but it should not be looked upon as news. We need reporters who are willing to tell it how it is.


Unbiased information is becoming more difficult to locate. We know we are not getting the whole story, but our common media sources are not paid to tell us the rest of the story. 


Our sources of news and information are businesses. Radio, television, newspapers, magazines; they are all businesses. These businesses sell advertising space to pay for their operating costs and to turn a profit. They are less inclined to report news that would adversely affect their sources of revenue. This means we will not get the balanced reporting we would prefer. Bureaucracies and other governmental agencies also limit what will be reported.


It all gets back to who is paying the bills and who is in control. It boils down to dirty money which produces misinformation, lack of information and disillusionment.


Overstepping Boundaries


Our elected governmental officials and other governmental agencies are watching out for, and securing their own selves, the high corporate structure and certain special interests. At the same time, government fails to defend the interests of the people, and refuses to protect the stability of the financial opportunities of most Americans.


It becomes a critical and dangerous situation when government and oversized corporate structures overrule the rights, authority and opportunities of the people. Corporations and special interests pay for political campaigning, which in turn, secures the employment of politicians. This in turn, compromises the rights and authority of the citizenry which are the ones that, by law, rule in America. Our politicians know it, but ignore it because they made us too busy in trying to keep our own finances in order, than to have sufficient time to do much about the corruption.


There are individuals that go the extra mile and make sure their voices are heard. Often they are confronted with forms of intimidation from governmental haughtiness and are commonly stonewalled in their tracks. They get passed from one agency to another until they run out of time and have to get back to work. In turn, they are not able to obtain resolution. If a person reaches a point where the media takes the story; depending on the issue, the story may get twisted into something that it is not. If glamour, theatrics or the bizarre can be interjected into the story, they will be, if these factors will increase the revenues of the media source or pacify their particular bias.   


Targeted Attention: What We Commonly See Is Not The General Flow


Yes, a small percentage of Americans are prospering; some in exponential ways. Media focuses on the wealthy, which deters us from seeing what is happening to most of our society. While we dream about the rich and famous, we fail to pay attention and analyze what is happening to our people on the lower end of the economic spectrum.


When the people who are considered in the lower class go by unnoticed; when more of the middle class is joining the ranks of the lower class; when government is forced to funnel more money to support the growing lower class; conditions reach a point when it takes a tremendous amount of heartache, misery, suffering and pain to regain what has been lost. Sometimes losses can never return.


Sweat Equity and Toil


It is hard to throw in the towel when you put so much sweat, stress, anxiety, very long hours and often many tears into something that means so much to you. Sadly, many hard working American entrepreneurs continue to have no choice but to close their doors. Many more will have to suffer this dreadful experience until the American consumer decides to adjust their buying decisions. Many more people will be forced into a lower lifestyle if we fail to pay attention to all that is taking place in America.


With your sincere and earnest dedication and loyalty to yourself, your loved ones, to your neighbors and country, these conditions can significantly turn around over the next few years. We as American individuals need to realize the power and authority we have in our nation, and the responsibilities that come with that power and authority.


If you do not respond now, conditions concerning our nation, economy and freedom will worsen, regardless of the hype that says everything is great.  Limited improvements in certain areas do not mean we are sailing into blue skies.


Being realistic does not mean you are a pessimist. It is important to be honest, realistic and focus on solutions. It is vital to recognize problems and rectify them. That is what a realist does. A pessimist continues to wallow in their misfortune or discouraging circumstances without the will or determination to alter their course.  


  1. Stateside businesses cannot continue outsourcing more of our American jobs. If they do, we cannot afford to continue doing business with them. If we persist to buy from foreign markets, we will have to initiate a reasonable tariff. At the same time, we can use that added income to reduce our personal income tax contributions. It can become a practical trade off, but the real and true solution is obviously in producing quality stateside jobs and business opportunities.
  2. We cannot afford to keep losing jobs. This in turn, will put more of our neighbors on unemployment with fewer jobs being available. For more of our people, life is becoming survival instead of enjoyable or even contented living.
  3. With every American business that is forced to close, more Americans are out of work and income.
  4. The common jobs that have been coming available are below reasonable American living standards and are often part time or temporary positions. Statistics on unemployment can be just as easily manipulated as any other statistic.


  1. We cannot afford lower wages in America.
  2. As this continues to take place, it will become more difficult to pay our personal expenses.
  3. When this takes place, more people will be looking to government for assistance.
  4. As this takes place, the cost of government will keep escalating.
  5. By this, the ones that are working will have to live on less because more taxes will be demanded of them. This in turn, will lower their ability to live the lifestyle they are working so hard to achieve. Our retired community will have less to live on because more money will be extracted from them, regardless if they have enough to comfortably make it through the rest of their life or not.


  1. This will result in there being less money to pay into our local, state and national tax bases.
  2. This will in turn result in less money to spend on our infrastructure requirements and other governmental necessities. (It is insulting to see politicians continue to spend so much money on things that do not profit our haggard economy, local businesses, unemployed citizens and necessary infrastructure. It is offensive to hear politicians talk about billions of dollars as if it is little more than pocket change to them.)
  3. This in turn will run down every aspect of America and the American way of life we have grown to love and appreciate, of which some are choosing to dishonor for the purpose of gaining absurd, exorbitant and irrational incomes. All these factors produce more stress than anyone should have to deal with.


It Is Definitely Becoming Easier To Manipulate People


Get Out Of The Corral


We cannot allow ourselves to be limited to a mindset of conservative, liberal, republican, democrat or any other such persuasion.  By doing so, we become narrow and close-minded to alternatives and opportunities that have very sound and well thought out points of consideration and values. In turn, we become intolerant toward many of our own people.


Such labels have become tools in keeping us at odds with each other. In turn, little gets accomplished when it comes to getting America functioning at accelerated and beneficial levels. In turn, we sink deeper into local and nationwide problems and complications.


Many people find it important to be labeled into a specific persuasion. Many times it does not even matter if certain policies conflict with our particular beliefs or what we must do to restore America. The label seems to be the controlling factor, even if it is promoting poor and irrational policies. At times extremism replaces balanced, well thought out reasoning. Some of us ignore ideas and thoughts that could greatly benefit us; but because the ideas come from outside our perceived comfort zones, we shun much good, regardless how sensible and logical different perspectives really are. 


There are good aspects and fundamental standards from a conservative angle just as there are from a liberal perspective. The same goes with republican and democratic influences. We must examine and scrutinize the various persuasions that affect our American way of life. We must make intelligent use of every beneficial aspect of all the various ideas we have available to us. If we fail to accept logical and sensible approaches to our American way of life, we will never grow beyond the problems that currently beset us.    


  • Our general economy will keep sinking lower unless we come together to obtain our common goals. 
  • Our nation’s best interests and well being will continue to suffer more severe heartaches if we remain divided as a nation.


Without having a clear, honest and accurate understanding of all that is truly transpiring in America and around the world, we will spiral downward as a nation and as a people. If we Americans refuse to stand united for our common and necessary interests and goals, America will become like any other manipulated nation that has a dictatorial form of rule. To allow such a travesty to take place is the worst kind of insult we could ever give our children who we say we love so much.  


Our Nation Can Maintain Strength And Stability In Any Storm


1.     We do not have to be broken down as a nation just so third world countries can gain economic stability and reasonable living conditions. Most governments are not willing to let their people take control of their own lives and destinies. We Americans choose to fight for our independence. As a result, we maintain our freedom – the freedom people in other nations yearn for.

2.     Every nation can increase at a pace they are comfortable with. The people of the various nations have to decide what they want for their own lives. The people must take their own stand for what they want to obtain as individuals and as a nation.  


  • We can not allow our American freedom and livelihood to become compromised just because people of other nations may not understand what real and genuine freedom is all about.
  • We can not allow our independence to become compromised just because other nations may choose to forfeit their rights to accept unreasonable control over their own personal lives.


Divide And Be Conquered, Or Stand Together And Be Strong


It has been a long time since our nation has been as divided as it is now. The last time brought about a very bloody war. It is not likely that will reoccur among our own people. When it comes to war, there are no real winners. Any time loved ones are killed throughout a society, the people as a whole suffer irreplaceable loss.


What is important is that we come together as a nation, meet on common ground and do all we can to regain our stamina. It is greatly advantageous that we in America set precedence throughout the world. The citizens of the nations suffer just as much as any of us at the injury and death of loved ones.


  1. We must do all we can to bring reasonable tolerance to our various societies throughout the world. We are not all the same. We need to embrace our diversities for the benefit of all citizens in all lands.
  2. We must reason with governments to focus on helping their people prosper in every way as individuals, as communities and as nations.
  3. We must stop needless fighting and start working together.
  4. We can not go around the world dropping bombs on people that are living in the only way they know how and who are currently stifled by an unreasonable government.
  5. We must empower the people of the nations to take hold of their situations and demand that their basic needs be met by their particular government.
  6. We must reach the people and let them know we want to see them advance in life and increase the quality of their current setting and environment. The struggling people of the nations need to know we Americans truly care about them.
  7. Our own government does not listen well to us. It is obvious the governments of other societies are not listening to their people either.
  8. We must bring the power back to the people. We must let the power players of the world know that we the people are not playing their games anymore! We are done being taken advantage of. We are done getting screwed over.


Most Of The People Of The Nations Simply

Want To Live Free, Caring, Healthy, Loving Lives


In meeting with individuals from around the world, certain characteristics stand out. People care. People love and want to be loved. People want to live in freedom. People do not want to spend most of their time working and worrying about their bills.


Individuals look to us for realistic answers and ways to prosper as a whole person and as a nation. The world looks to us for a protocol to live as an upright, decent and free people. We cannot let anything mar our reputation, our great American Dream, our Land of Opportunity and our freedom as individuals and as a people. We must defend our treasured Constitution and our cherished Bill of Rights.


  1. When foreign citizens see we are focusing our attention on coming together to improve our own overall conditions.
  2. When foreign citizens see the true convictions and genuine values of our citizens and not that of special interests.
  3. When foreign citizens see we will not be intimidated by individuals, groups or organizations that want nothing more than to control, manipulate and gain rule over us.


When foreign citizens see we are willing to do everything necessary to fulfill these ideals and standards, individuals in other nations will take hold of the same visions for their own people. Individuals will be inspired and begin to think within their own selves that: “We can do that too, right here in our own nation!”


Every human soul has aspirations to be successful in life – in every area of their life. It does not matter what nation they live in or what is the color of their skin. This is a human blessing that every person has within their own self. We cannot deny such optimistic, bright and positive attributes from any person.


It must be a solemn duty to encourage and give confidence to anyone that wants more from their life. Do this, and you will see a world on the move in the most beautiful, spectacular and progressive ways.


Who Will Lead?


America has always been a leader. The best leading is always accomplished by example.


  1. It is time we restore our infrastructure - Of, by and for the people.
  2. It is time we let the people of the nations know exactly what Americans are all about.
  3. It is time we return small and medium sized businesses back to the markets of America and provide realistic way to open them up worldwide.


We must not allow a socialistic environment to take over the world, especially not America. It is time we clearly let our politicians know that they either get back in touch with us and work for us – the people; or start looking for another job.


If you want to know why the term socialistic was used above, the answer can be found under “socialism” that is listed in the American Heritage Dictionary which states:


“A system or theory of social organization in which the producers (of the system) possess both political power and production and distribution means.”


Our government has an endless array of bureaucracies. They heavily control the means of distribution. The government has given big business untold favors. Big business heavily supports politicians through campaign financing. Politicians reward big business executives for funding them. In turn, they form laws that greatly benefit these businesses.


Through this connection, political power has directly linked itself with the production and distribution of commerce. This unacceptable form of association is destroying the social organization we had as a nation into a system that is not conducive to the best interests and prosperity of most American citizens. This is exactly what our politicians at every level are shamefully accomplishing throughout our entire American fabric. 


The government, through the offensive and insulting “Free Trade” arrangements is pushing this system of social organization into a worldwide affair. Our individual and private lives are being terribly manipulated and brought under the control and intimidation of a big business, multinational monopoly that is placing more limitations and restrictions on how we can live our lives through lower wages, benefits and pensions.


There is more depth to all that is actually transpiring in reference to this degenerating movement, but for now, we will stop at this point. We certainly can not and must not allow such conduct and deceitful, disloyal practices to go any further! 




We are losing our ability to function as a nation because of conditions that have been building over the last few decades.


1.     We cannot let ourselves become so divided and categorized that we stop being the loving, caring and thoughtful people that we are. Many people are joining groups, organizations and movements and are becoming nasty in their tactics to gain position and power.  

2.     We cannot destroy our own American way of life or our ability to prosper as a nation and as individuals. More people are struggling just to make it from one paycheck to another.

3.     We must put an end to the manipulation that is causing our own demise as a free, independent and progressive people.

4.     We cannot allow ourselves to slow down our progress, or lessen our lifestyles, and weaken our infrastructures in the name of progress for other world countries.  On the contrary, we can set worthy standards that other nations can assimilate into their own systems of operation. 

5.     We must give the people of the nations a model they can look upon with the utmost respect, and be encouraged to adopt such principles, practices and strategies among their own people if they so choose. 


You Do Make The Difference


1.     With your immediate and determined involvement, America and our economy can regain substantial and lasting strength.

2.     With your serious willingness to help and to do your part, in a reasonable amount of time we can restore America to its rightful position.

3.     If you are willing to pitch in and demand quality performance from your politicians, we can get every American that wants to work, working, and being paid a reasonable wage with sensible benefits.

4.     What our forefathers and mothers worked so hard to obtain for us today, we cannot pawn off to save a few bucks. We cannot trade lifelong prosperity for temporal convenience. If we continue to do so, we will break down and destroy too much of what we have as a nation. We will be able to blame no one but our own selves. Future generations will know where to point their finger.

5.     If we answer the call now, we will be seen as the generation that cared and loved enough to take America to a higher level in every possible way and at its most critical time in history!


America is the last great pillar of true independence and genuine freedom in the world. If we can be convinced to conform to the dictates of globalization like most of the rest of the world is doing, the world will become a place where only a very few will truly enjoy – it is just a matter of time.


We can already see our privacy and rights are being compromised because of international affairs. It would be naïve to think these measures are going to stop or just be temporary. Manipulative systems gain control by inching their way into dominant positions; not attempting to take a mile at a time.


The writing is on the wall. It is time for the people to take on due responsibility. We must take the pen back into our own collective hand and reclaim the future of our own nation. It is time to elect individuals that have the backbone to stand up and defend our great American Standard and turn away from special interests. In doing so, hopefully others will take a stand in their own country to claim their own rights as individuals and nations. 


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