Forget It Over 50


Today it is getting very difficult for anyone over 50 to get a quality job with a reasonable wage. Age discrimination is taking place but businesses are not admitting to it. Many of our parents and grandparents cannot work, so they try to make money from risky alternatives like the stock market. More people are learning how difficult that is to accomplish. The number of young, middle aged and elderly people that lost so much in the last stock market crash is beyond tragic.


Stock Market Or Upper Management Racket


The stock market certainly appears to be manipulated in ways to methodically siphon huge amounts of wealth from our American economy and citizens. Every month the parallels between the stock market and slot machines are looking more alike and just as risky. Every week we hear of more individuals trying to milk the system or maneuver circumstances to their favor, regardless what the fallout on main stream investors will be.


The last crash incredibly removed in excess of a trillion dollars from hard working and retired Americans. We will never see most of this money again! Many of our parents and grandparents lost most of their life savings. Many elderly people have been forced back to work only to receive a low wage job; that is, if their health allows such a strain.


The Stock Market Is Not As Reliable Of An Investment Option

Especially In Its Present Condition


You are aware of the corruption going on in the corporate structure and business world. Americans are forced to invest in companies they will never be able to visit or know what is really going on behind the scenes. All we have to go by is what we see on television, read in the paper or hear on the radio. We do not find out what is really going on with many of these companies until it is too late to do anything about it.


Some companies have money hungry and corrupted leadership, while some other companies rig their books to make it look like their companies are more than what they really are. How often we fail to know what other schemes are taking place until it is too late. After a while, we do not know what companies can be trusted.


Picking Up The Scraps


Most investors are not given the real inside information when stocks are ready to excel. Most of us are encouraged to get in after the big money is already made. Most of us investors are simply used to cushion the wallets and purses of the ones that have the inside track. These individuals are already set for life, but just want more money because they want more. One may be surprised to find out how many politicians are getting the inside information and making enormous incomes from various markets and industries.


Fair Markets More Insight Into Companies


We need more choices of legitimate and lucrative investment options in the marketplace. A system must be in place where anyone can benefit, no matter how much or little a person wants to invest. There must be safeguards in place to avoid serious crashes from occurring. Criminals must be fully penalized. All criminals need to be treated the same according to their crime against the people, regardless of status or position.


Many individuals that lost so much in this last crash are personally very dear to each and every one of us. You may be one of them. It is heart wrenching to watch their lives crumble as they watch their hopes, aspirations, opportunities and/or their savings disappear. It is hard to watch them struggle in trying to make ends meet and the outlook of their future from such devastating losses.


  • Our young people know they have time to bounce back even though it will be more difficult.
  • Our middle aged people are worrying about obtaining comfortable retirement because of all the instability and vulnerability in the markets and in the world.
  • A growing number of our elderly still have several years of life to live and their money is running out. Many of them are too old, physically unable or have other restrictions or setbacks that do not allow them the opportunity to go back to work.


Social Security does not accommodate the basic cost of living expenses, especially with the diminishing value of our dollar. Even with most pensions, it is becoming very difficult to stay ahead of our bills, especially with the stiff demands of over-taxation and the decreasing value of our dollar.


Dual Roles


More of our parents and grandparents have been forced to take on dual roles by becoming a caregiver for their spouse in various capacities. The pharmaceutical and medical industries are finding ways to extend the years of a life. Many of our seniors are experiencing the cold reality that the added years are often seriously lacking genuine quality of living. This is a terrible strain, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually on the spouse/caregiver and the ones that have to live in a state of existence instead of an active, healthy and enjoyable life.


Elderly care centers are charging as much as $40,000.00 a year and more for very limited care. Most spouses have no choice but to become full time/around the clock caregivers for their health compromised loved one. Hiring personal care is out of reach for many of our parents and grandparents. Family members are usually too busy to help because many of them are doing all they can in just trying to keep their own children and daily obligations met.


When a spouse has no choice but to place their loved one into a care center, a life savings of $160,000.00 can be eliminated in just 4 years. That does not give into account the expenses the spouse still needs to live on.


This is beyond tragic and not what America is about! It is a crying shame all our parents and grandparents cannot just enjoy their retirement years in peace and satisfaction. This is not the America I know and it is time we bring our nation back to its rightful position and condition. With your help, we can and we must!


Our parents and grandparents worked hard all their life. Now many of them are watching their life savings and investments get sapped right out of their accounts because of:


  • Outrageous medical expenses and drug costs.
  • Stiff taxation.
  • The diminutive value of the dollar.
  • Poor investment options.
  • The general and basic high cost of living.


Struggling Times


The ones that have better paying jobs and our retired people are going to have to pay more to compensate for the millions of people that are working for less and the ones that are losing or have lost their job to foreign markets.


More individuals within our older generation are deeply hurting in various ways. Many of them are fearful about their future and feel they can do nothing about it. Many of them often walk around in a daze when they are not out in public. When they are out in the community, they swallow their misery and try with all their might to put on a happy, contented appearance. Even then, it is noticeable to see that a growing number of our parents and grandparents have serious worries and rightful concerns. This look is not only seen among our elderly citizens but on the faces of our own family, friends and neighbors of every age.


More people in the work place are looking like machines rather than people. The caring, warm and comforting spirit is dissolving. The sense of despair and misplaced feelings are taking the place of optimism and hope. More people are just going through the motions instead of really living with hopeful expectations and anticipating bright futures.


The Workplace In Certain Aspects Is Leaning Toward A Slave Labor Mentality


  1. The demands placed upon us in the workplace are ever increasing.
  2. Exhaustion and stress are swelling into serious health hazards.
  3. More people are falsely counting on junk food for bodily nutrition.
  4. More people are earning less than what it costs to live on.
  5. We are being pulled in so many directions.
  6. We are being pressed beyond reasonable limits.
  7. Many of us find ourselves, beside ourselves, trying to figure out what we are going to do about the surmounting difficulties and complications in our lives and in our nation.
  8. Often we do not even know if we are coming or going because of the endless stream of demands that are being placed upon us in every area of our lives.
  9. The personal touch, the warm friendly greeting, the tender concern and interest are fading away from our workforce and social lives because of the overwhelming complications that are pressing against America.


Our worries and concerns are surmounting as our financial situations are crushing more of us every day. It is not that we want to be impersonal, but none of us like the direction America is being forced into. We are beside ourselves because our government is so preoccupied with their own self interests, and not willing to listen or grasp on to what we need as a people. In a sense we have turned our politicians and top positioned bureaucrats (our hired staff) into some form of ruler-type authoritarians over our lives instead of the public servants that they are.


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