Bankrupt Small Towns


Many of our smaller towns are becoming bankrupt because there are so few jobs and not a large enough tax base. An increasing number of our smaller communities are beginning to resemble ghost towns similar to the time when most of our farming communities were going under in the sixties and seventies. Many towns have never recovered. This heartbreaking calamity is happening again. This time it will be far more devastating to our current and future way of life in America if we do not respond now.


The same thing that happened to our Farming infrastructure has, and continues to take place within many of our various other industries, including our small and medium sized businesses of today. We cannot allow the catastrophe that took place within our Mom and Pop farming industry, continue to take place in our small, medium and independently owned and operated business sectors. We cannot allow any of our industries to fold because of foreign interests, multinational takeovers or third world competition.    


Such a continuance will push the American ”Land of Opportunity” away from more of our good hearted American neighbors. It has already destroyed the great “American Dream” for millions of our honest hard working and loyal citizens over the past few decades. The manipulation with the oil industry teaches us perfectly that we must have our own sources of manufacturing and production in every industry. Our metal manufacturing, textiles, home and office furnishings and our services industries must all remain strong and intact within our own shores.


We have huge factories and manufacturing plants that have been abandoned by companies that deserted us for bigger profits. Once these structures sit too long, repairs become too costly to start them back up to a satisfactory functioning level. We must get them back up and running A.S.A.P., and renovate them along the way.


Common Sense With Truthful Observation


Simple, honest reflection of the last few decades will reveal that America is being steadily lowered in lifestyle, economic strength, morality and morale. Politicians are preoccupied with their own futures and financial well being. We are compromising more of the standards that have brought us success, sustainability, advancement and a great place for our children to grow up.


As we compromise our standards and look to government to take care of us in more ways, foreign manipulation keeps whittling away at our fundamental foundation of freedom with independence that Americans have learned to love and foreigners continue to desire.  


Many of our stateside industries have been dragging their feet when it comes to staying   on the cutting edge of quality, ingenuity and fine tuned development. More people are getting very frustrated because, as a nation, we are lacking a genuine sense of focus and real direction. Most of us do not know what to do about it because our politicians are not responding.


We see a government that has gone out of control and has distanced itself from the people it claims to serve. We see a multinational corporate structure that is running wild to make a quick buck – a corporate structure that pays upper management exorbitant amounts of income and gives scratch to the employees that make their businesses work and bring in their profits.


This calamity is not slowing down but it can, and even reverse, if you are willing to help by doing your part. Right now you have a tremendous opportunity to take a valued role in bringing America back! Please read on.





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