We Must Change Our Course


We must not fail or refuse to produce serious corrections in the direction of our American economy. If we shun our duties and responsibilities, we will be shamefully leaving a tremendous amount of debt and needless heartache on the backs of our children and grandchildren. Our children will be inheriting far less of a land of opportunity and freedom if we ignore our current responsibilities in getting America back on track. Our children will be less likely to live reasonable and fulfilling lives.


Just look at your own difficulties right now. Consider all that is transpiring in America and around the world. Surely you would not desire the outlook your children are faced with. Certainly you would not enjoy having such conditions shoved down your own throat.


We must step up to the plate and fix the problems we allowed to take place on our watch before conditions worsen. We must hold individuals accountable that have thwarted and maimed our Constitution, Bill of Rights, our American Standard and way of life.


We can regain control and manage our complexities simply by working together for our common goals and interests. Teamwork works. If we want to make our current obstacles enormous and mind-boggling, that is exactly what they will become. It is essential to keep everything in proper perspective. It is imperative that we work together as one. Overcoming our challenges will not be a walk in the park, but they will most certainly be more tolerable to manage and easier to mend when we are doing it together as communities, as states and as a nation – as one.  


Extensive Expenses


The baby boomer generation is entering into their retirement years. Most American families are having one or two children compared to five to eight as in the past. There is no way our children will be able to handle our failure to give them a debt free environment considering all the variations that are currently stacked against us and them.  


The expenses of Social Security, Medicare and various other forms of assistance and expenses due to our coming huge influx of retired people alone will be more than our children and grandchildren will be able to reasonably manage. The present reserves and securities are not enough to handle this influx, especially with people living longer lives and the medical complications that are coming with it. Medical complications that used to be associated with old age are beginning to occur among our teenagers.


Live With Less


Many baby boomers will have to retire with less. Our elderly people are already feeling the severe crunch that is taking place. These predicaments are stewing up a horrible financial condition in our country – the ripple effects will not be pleasant if we fail to take immediate action to prevent the overwhelming expenses that are already surmounting to critical levels.


  • We are the ones that brought our children into this world.
  • We have to secure America for coming generations in every way we can.  
  • We are the ones that allowed America to be led astray from the economic stronghold we became.
  • We are the ones that allowed many of our present conditions and calamities to occur because of our inattentiveness and lack of involvement.
  • We are forfeiting our long term abilities for success, for short term survival. 
  • We have serious work to do while we still have our health and our right mind.


It Was Not Me, It Was The Other Person


Anyone can bury their head in the sand and ignore all that is taking place. A personal disclaimer will not make our problems go away. Denial does not represent the love and respect due to our younger generations. Accountability and responsibility are what we need to take serious hold of. We must absolutely straighten out the messes we allowed ourselves to get into instead of pawning them off on our children.  


I pray to God that we have not become so unattached as a people that we fail to cure the economic conditions we allowed within our shores. I hope we have not lost the American Spirit and let our current conditions worsen. We know our current conditions are not going to heal themselves or magically go away. There is still a window of opportunity where we can ward off a lot of heartache and misery by working together if we respond now. Neither of us wants to see the consequences procrastination will bring about in delaying what must be immediately started.


No doubt we both want a clear conscience when it comes to doing everything we can as American citizens to prevent such conditions from going any further. This is our responsibility; but honestly, how responsible are we in leaving our nation in the condition it is in to our children and grandchildren that we say we love so dearly?  


It Is Imperative That We Live Within Our Financial Means


  • Statistics show that many Americans are spending up to 20% more than their actual earnings. More people are living off their credit cards to pick up what is lacking. It is essential to prioritize our necessities compared to things we just want for the fact of having them.
  • Bankruptcies hurt us all. We cannot afford them at an individual, state or national level, but cases being filed are on the increase.
  • More people are using their automobile titles for collateral for cash loans, and also using other pawn type loan services to cover their immediate bills.
  • More people are using check advance methods just to pay for their daily financial commitments and to put food on their table.
  • More people are putting second and third mortgages on their homes to:
    • Consolidate bills.
    • Pay off high interest, high balance credit card debt.
    • Take vacations.
    • Buy new automobiles.
    • Renovate or enlarge the size of their house.
  • Americans are already paying 3 to 5 times the price of their homes on a first mortgage.  


We Must Support Our Own Economy


It is absolutely necessary to balance our trade deficit. This is no longer negotiable. We simply cannot afford any more deficits.


The politicians are the ones responsible for setting up this absurd “free trade” in the manner in which they did. We citizens of this nation are responsible for the out-of-control trade deficit. Two wrongs made two wrongs.


Now We Have To Pay The Cost For Our Temporal Decisions


  • If we have to pay a little more for something made in America, this is what we must do if we want jobs staying within our borders. It is that simple.
  • If we have to buy less, that is what we must do.
  • It is vital that we regain our stateside business footing and also pay off our governmental and nationwide debts completely.
  • Personal debt must be kept at a minimum. Home mortgages, automobile payments, education and emergencies are the exceptions.
  • Debt needs to become something we shun like a disease and plague.
  • Personal, business and fiscal responsibility are our individual duty and not an option like we have been led to believe it can be.
  • It is a fearful situation when politicians talk about debt in such light, frivolous terms. Since they assign themselves with such hefty salaries, benefits, pensions and perks, they have no real concerns about the debt they have forced the rest of us into. It would be one thing if they actually earned their income, but they have not!  


We Must Be Realistic As A People 

And Adjust Our Means Of Commerce And Spending 

To Accommodate Our Economical Necessities And Strength 


·       We in America have a much higher cost of living than third world countries.

·       Stateside suppliers cannot compete with third world economies.

·       The foreign competition is becoming too great in certain industries. An increasing number of foreign and some stateside businesses doing business in America do not seem to care what is happening to our nation, our economy and our people. We are like a train nearing a broken rail and stepping on the gas.

·       We, as a people can not procrastinate or take the lackadaisical approach to the problems we allowed to occur during our watch.


Catastrophic Disasters


9-11 occurred. It brought about extremely huge heartaches that no one should have to endure. Thankfully the American Spirit triumphed in that we came together as a nation to heal. By coming together we were more able to handle the terribly enormous and various expenses that followed: the loss of lives; the attack on our freedom; a worsening economic condition. Each one of us suffered in different ways from that fatal calamity. We were not ready for it.


Reports have surfaced since 9-11. Statements have been made that individuals within our government were warned that such catastrophes were coming but said nothing and did nothing! Similar circumstances have finally surfaced about reports that were made before the tragedy of Pearl Harbor. The ones that we pay to watch our backs failed to uphold their sworn responsibilities.


Our politicians, top leading bureaucrats and various other governmental agencies have been severely letting us down in many areas of American life. They have sidestepped their assigned duties for the purpose of fulfilling self interests:


  • Their infatuation with self-preoccupation and their power-trip mentality.
  • Their lack of concern in dealing with the serious needs of the people.  
  • Their arrogance in glorifying their servant positions.  
  • Their uncontrolled, self-indulgent spending habits.
  • Rigging laws that are contoured for their personal advantage and not that of the people they swore to serve, protect and defend.  


These points of concern and more are left with no reasonable excuse, explanation or justification, but rather have been acts of irresponsibility, negligence and insensitive impudence.  


The Blessing Of Freedom


Freedom is one of the weightiest and most sobering responsibilities ever given to the human race.


The freedom many people seem to be choosing to devalue or forfeit so easily has cost the blood, limbs and lives of countless souls over the years. We can not and must not pawn off freedom for an obscure form of security that is not based on genuine safety, but will actually make us more vulnerable as individuals and as a nation.


We must demand full disclosures of the policies politicians are forcing upon us, written in laymen’s terms, so we can see exactly what they are trying to shove down America’s throat! Policies must be kept simple and to the point, similar to our Bill of Rights and Constitution. Obscurity and wordy documents are commonly written in to law to benefit a small minority of people and it must stop!


A form of security has never been a safe, wise or lucrative alternative to freedom and independence. The people always lose. History has recorded never ending proofs in this matter.


The unity of security and freedom can exist beautifully together when we work collectively for our common goals and interests.  The people of our nation proved for over 200 years that harmony between freedom and security can greatly flourish and provide the best way of life.


  1. Freedom does come with a price.


  1. We still see to this day that real people are willing to pay that price.


  1. The rest of us need to show the utmost respect for the incredible and abundant freedom we live in every single day. 


  1. We need to realize the true and genuine value in the individual rights we live by, and the personal privacy we have grown to respect.


  1. We need to deeply appreciate and cherish the ones that have, and continue to put their own blood, limbs and lives on the line to defend our wonderful freedom to the death! 


  1. We must make sure our government officials are constantly vigilant in responding to the threats and possible threats that they become aware of, regardless of their own opinion and arrogance.


  1. We need to make absolutely sure our government has legitimate and realistic reasons before they do their ‘in-your-face’ interfering in the lives of the people of other nations. Threats toward Americans and national security must be indisputably genuine.


Enough Is Enough


There are heinous atrocities and horrible abuses individuals and societies are forced to endure throughout the world because of the actions of cruel tyrannical rule. No one in their right mind would find pleasure in killing another human soul. Individuals and societies continue to suffer needlessly because of individuals that prize the opportunities of control, power and money, more than they do the lives of their fellow citizens.   


It is truly sad in this new millennium that governments are not doing everything they possibly can for the best interests of their people. It is repulsive that certain leaders and organizations call themselves civilized and humane considering the horrible abuses, mayhem, slaughter and butchery they commit against their own people and their neighbors.


  1. It is time the societies of the world stand up for their own selves and make their surroundings and government what they want for their citizens.
  2. It is time to bring the “big bully” governmental intimidation and barbaric mentality to an end.
  3. It is time all leaders become the reasonable and respectable people they claim to be.
  4. It is time we all start living more in accordance with the level of intelligence and decency we claim we have obtained.
  5. It is time to stop living below our intellectual competence, our academic aptitude and our humanitarian capacity.


Live And Act upon Genuine Principles And Sound Moral Standards  


  There are times when we must defend ourselves and our neighbors:


  • When a person’s life or their loved ones are in imminent danger, we must defend.  
  • To protect a person from being hideously injured, assaulted or molested by another person or persons, we must respond.
  • To shield a person from unconscionable abuse at the hand of another, we must protect. 


  • No one has the right to order another person into a situation where their life can be brought to an end without realistic reasons and imminent danger.


  • Authority is not something you try on and practice trial and error; it is not something you manipulate to pacify an uncontrolled ego - especially at the detrimental expense of others.
  • Authority is one of the gravest responsibilities known to the human race. It can not be given to the careless, coldhearted, insecure or to individuals with motives that cause injury and harm. 


We Have What It Takes


We Americans certainly have what it takes to be victorious. Through the years, we have been reinventing our business structure time and again. This time is no different when one truly considers the genius of the American Spirit.


  • It is time to restore the heart of America! 
  • It is time to pull together and make this happen in genuine outreaching ways!


The Only Limitations Are The Ones We Place Upon Ourselves


There are tremendous business ideas waiting to be imagined and embarked upon. These ideas can channel new sources of good paying jobs. This can in turn initiate incredible modes of valuable trade opportunities. There are endless streams of personal growth possibilities waiting to be obtained by anyone that is willing to enhance the quality of the lives of those around them.


It is time to fully embrace the passion and drive that wants to flourish inside each and every one of us. All it takes is getting our minds back to a productive, imaginative, artistic, resourceful and inventive mindset, attitude and outlook. We must get rid of needless, cumbersome, unsubstantiated red tape that is hindering us from excelling to outstanding, unparalleled and superior growth levels.


  1. It is essential that we find ways to re-nourish our soil and increase the nutritional value of our natural foods.
  2. It is necessary to preserve the natural state of our seeds for food and stop genetically altering them in ways that destroy the nutrients they contain and the rich flavor they once had.
  3. It is imperative to clean up our waterways and underground water supplies so we can have drinkable, nontoxic water from the tap.
  4. It is vital that we find ways to clean the air we breathe.
  5. It is crucial that we discover several ways to generate healthy and natural forms of energy and fuels. We cannot be dependent on foreign supplies or held hostage by monopolized providers.
  6. We must find natural cures to famine, disease and sickness.
  7. It is critical that we buy merchandise that lasts. Much of the throw away technology must end.
  8. We must come up with humane alternatives to war.


Primary Fundamentals  


These are not provisions that can be looked upon as secondary. These are areas that deal with our health, life, breath and our continued existence. These are areas our children are counting and trusting we will assure them with the highest quality and affordable sustained availability.


These are nonnegotiable necessities that we cannot overlook in any way. Breakthroughs in these areas will significantly rebuild our economy, lives and peace of mind. By rebuilding our industries, finding alternatives to war and excelling in innovation and thrift we can become debt free for generations to come as long as our politicians serve us and not themselves.


As a people, we need to get back to being real neighbors; watching out for each other and being there in times of necessity. We need to be totally responsible for our own actions and take charge of our own lives instead of expecting to be taken care of by a government or corporation. We must think for ourselves. We must stop biting into manipulative, cunning and skilled sales gimmicks, deceptively crafted and misleading marketing strategies and outright lies.


We must return a social environment that greatly welcomes individual growth; that highly encourages each of us to expand our every horizon and reach for stars we once thought were beyond our scope or reach. By coming together for our common goals and interests we can greatly flourish and far exceed any level our nation has yet realized. 


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