Business As Usual


Our elected/employed politicians have been focused on their party, getting money for reelection, prestige, rigging the system to hinder political competition and building their salaries, benefits, pensions and perks. Taking care of the necessary business of the people has taken a back seat.


Our political employees argue about the bills they pass into law because one politician gets a pet project passed while another politician does not. Such actions are disgraceful and even scandalous. Why? Numerous attachments to these massive bills they want approved have nothing to do with the main theme of what they tell us these bills are for. In the real world, fraud is what most of us call such conduct.


Politicians roadblock and stonewall a lot of good that can be done for our people and nation so their self interests and their particular party can prosper as well as their reelection opportunities, pensions and future financial opportunities. The politicians spend enormous amounts of our money on projects the government was never given the authority to fund.


As individual citizens, it is of the utmost importance that we research and study the founding documents of our nation. The Declaration of Independence, our national and state Constitutions and the Bill of Rights are excellent starting points. It is important to see how far our politicians have taken us off course. When we understand this, it is easier to understand why we are languishing in our current predicaments.


The politicians have ranked special interests high above the common good of every American citizen. Who will pay me the most, seems to be the common thread among most of our politicians. They have the nerve to wonder why so many people give them little interest or no attention. They have the impudence to wonder why more of us do not get involved in the political process. A person can only talk into a deaf ear for so long. We have lives to live, but the decisions made by government without our genuine consent have removed the wind from our sails.


We as a people can only be ignored and taken advantage of so much before we just tune ourselves out. In spite of the failure of politicians to properly serve us, we must not ignore our duties as American citizens. We must demand our rightful authority over our employed politicians and be adamant in making them serve their assigned responsibilities and their servitude toward us. We are not here to serve them or to fund their self interests. We cannot allow them to damage or curtail our way of life any more than they already have. It is not the party – it is the people that matter!   


We can not compromise the message we must send to our politicians. We must give it with perfect clarity and understanding. Get back to the business of the people or you will be removed from your office and position.




It has become commonplace for our politicians and high positioned bureaucrats to favor big business and certain special interest groups. Why? They pay big money to support the reelection pursuits of politicians and supply incentives and perks to bureaucrats in authoritative positions. As they are busy scratching each other’s backs, America is sinking in the qualities that made us the great and caring nation we became.


Our politicians and unelected top bureaucrats accommodate big businesses because the politicians have turned government into a big business in and of itself. In turn, politicians enact laws that favor the high corporate structure, multinational and chain businesses, regardless what the fallout will be upon the people – you and me. Leading bureaucrats cater to expand large corporate entities and other goals big business and top paying special interest groups want to accomplish.


All this frustrates us hard working Americans. We get stuck footing every one of their bills regardless how much money we have left to live on; regardless if we are able to keep up with our own financial commitments and responsibilities; regardless of our own local community necessities.


The unethical practices of politicians have become common knowledge among all of us. Still, many of our high paid governmental workers continue to get away with their unprincipled behavior. They pass laws riddled with loopholes so they can continue their schemes, or what many of us in the real world call, shams and scams.


If any of us tried to do in the business world, some of the things politicians do in our city halls, our state capitals and in D.C., we would be put out of business, while some of us would be run out of town. For other practices conducted by certain politicians, we would be tried, sentenced, humiliated, stiffly fined and locked up for years.


Since they are politicians, in many circumstances, it seems they have placed themselves above the law. Often they simply write or rewrite laws to accommodate their own agendas.


We Are Not Stupid Like They Try To Convince Us To Believe,  

They Just Fail To Properly Inform Us 


More people are becoming aware that fewer people are in control of the various major industries in America and also around the world. We also know governments are doing all they can to make it happen faster, regardless how we the people feel about it.


We no longer have proper representation in government like our Constitution provides for us. For the most part, the formalities are the same, but the actual workings of the system are far from what has been the American way as we knew it.


Government and big business are having a grand old party, but they forgot to invite the rest of us. Instead, we are forced to pay for all the Champaign, caviar, horns, hats, balloons and fancy desserts while they enjoy all the festivities and benefits. Our public servants are doing very well for themselves at our expense.  


Embarrassing & Upsetting


Many actions of politicians have stepped beyond embarrassing and have moved into the arenas of humiliation and disgrace. Too many politicians have the backbone of a jellyfish when it comes to serving and taking a solid stand for the people. We pay them extremely well and they are terribly abusing their positions and privileges.


Principles and morals have disgracefully become relics of the past. We must demand the renewal of such essential traits. If we refuse to, I would hate to be in the shoes of our children and grandchildren.


If they can not take the heat in standing in defense of the people they claim to serve, they should have the decency to get out of the fire to make room for someone that will. We need individuals who are willing to do everything it takes to protect and defend us from every kind of attack and abuse. We need individuals who will put aside and ignore their own self interests and do what is right for us all! We must bring all questionable conduct and abuses of position to an abrupt halt before anymore insult is added to our nation’s reputation and before we sink any lower as a nation and as a people.


While Politicians Are Preoccupied With Their Own Self Interests…


At the same time politicians are working hard to secure their own finances, portfolios, resumes and future, Mom and Pop struggle just to make ends meet. Marginal care and consideration are given to a large share of our society. More of us are being taken advantage of because of our kind spirit and our enormous level of forbearance.


In general, our politicians have no clue what public servant means anymore because they have become self serving and at our expense. We need to be honest with each other and with ourselves. That is the only way we will be able to reinstate America, and regain what our politicians have pawned off for their own personal advantage and self interests.


Many other Americans are also speaking up because of the way politicians have distanced themselves from us and the economic trials they have forced us into. We can restore America according to the due processes our founding fathers and mothers have assured us. We must utilize the authority and rights we have as American citizens; if not for ourselves, at least for our children’s sake.


The Californian’s flexed their rightful authority in firing their governor in 2003. Every state in the union can do the same with any political position. America is great when we all know the rules. When we do, deception has a very difficult time in misleading anyone. We must educate ourselves like never before; this is our duty and responsibility.  


It Is Time To Be Heard


One of the main reasons politicians get away with so much is because so many of us say nothing. We feel our voice makes no difference, and to a certain extent this is true. We say we do not have the time to get involved, and to a certain extent this is true. It is because so many of us say nothing, or just grumble under our breath, is why the politicians get away with all that they are. This is not right and it is time they get the message loud and clear; that we demand the service they have been employed to fulfill and nothing less.  


We have every right to demand conduct that is far above reproach from our hired/elected, publicly paid politicians, our leading, and all of our bureaucratic employees, as well as from the high corporate structure in America. This nation has been established in putting the people first; not government and not corporate entities.


It is the solemn duty of every individual American citizen to speak up when our political and bureaucratic employees step outside their established job descriptions. To do that, we must study and understand what their role of employment entails and restrict them within their assigned borders.


This is our duty as American citizens. We, as American citizens have neglected our responsibilities in defending our rights. We have allowed our hired staff to get out of control. For this reason we are suffering from the many hardships that have befallen us.


We cannot allow these employees to keep crossing over the line and moving away from honor, loyalty and respect for we citizens, our best interests and the true interests of our nation. When they put themselves, corporations and special interests before, we the people of these united States, we must unflinchingly give them their walking papers.


Depending on the offense, we may have to subject them to the authority of the courts just like the rest of us are held accountable. We must hold our politicians to a much higher standard. We must replace our employees who are derelict in their duties. We must elect genuine individuals that really care; individuals who are willing to do the job they are assigned to do and swear to fulfill.


Politicians Are Breaking Us As A Nation For Whatever Reasons. 



  1. The politicians allowed the removal of the gold and silver backing from our money, and the actual value of our dollar continues to steadily decrease in worth. It has broken down our currency to a system of debt exchange instead of value for value.


Our money has no actual value backing it up, unless you consider us, our land and our property as collateral. What we refer to as our currency is nothing more than “I owe you” notes that we swap back and forth, here and there. Banks do little more than make log entries, which we refer to as monetary transactions. Congress turned over the control of our money to the dictates of the privately owned and operated Federal Reserve Corporation which has monopolized the currencies of the world many years ago.


  1. The value of our dollar is at an all time low with no signs of coming back to a reasonable level. News reports and statistics claim recoveries and better times, but the dollar continues to lose more value ever since the gold and silver backing were foolishly and irrationally removed. You can only keep printing so much money before the actual value is so weak and worthless that collapse becomes imminent. The current system is set up in such a crooked way that we can never completely get out of debt even if money is not an issue. It has been intentionally set up this way.


  1. Politicians at every level and bureaucrats are bringing us further in debt because of their unwillingness to control their spending, salaries, benefits, perks, pensions and other self interests. Most Americans have no choice but to cut back when money is low, but politicians obviously do not feel the same obligations or need. When an employee in the real world does not fulfill their assigned duties, they are fired with no further compensation. Politicians think they have the right to keep paying themselves regardless how long they have been in office and regardless of their job performance. The self-important, self-exalted, self-absorbed statuses politicians have created for themselves have become appalling and sickening.  


  1. Our nation’s capital is pouring our hard earned money all around the world when we need a good share of it right here. Our own people need jobs, retraining assistance, realistic business opportunities and we need to rebuild numerous infrastructures that are becoming more dilapidated.


All these necessities cost a lot of money to accomplish. These are the areas we need to focus on to regain our strength and stamina as a nation, as well as our national security and defenses. We cannot continue supporting other nations when we are tapping ourselves out and going critically further in debt. The only place this will bring us is into a third world status.


  1. The politicians were not watching out for our farming industry and now most of it is controlled by conglomerates that are using unsafe and destructive methods for production. The same neglect is taking place in our current business industries, especially toward our small, medium and even larger sized independently owned and operated businesses.


  1. The politicians are enacting laws and treaties to lower our standards instead of raising them.


  1. This foolish “free trade” and such agreements that were so rudely shoved down our throats have produced a mass exodus of our American businesses and jobs in every sector to flee to third world countries. Millions of our American jobs are already gone! More are leaving our shores every day. The continuance of such measures will persistently continue to ruin our nation’s ability to support itself through commerce.


  1. Most American wages, benefits and pensions have declined, but politicians raise theirs every year. Our politicians are ruining our nation’s ability to sustain it self with their America-destroying enactments and practices.


  1. We are letting stateside mega sized multi-corporate businesses deteriorate our economic lives and nation. How? Because small and medium sized businesses continue to lose their ability to compete. We Americans are left with the escalation of lower paying jobs from these mega businesses. Our politicians continue to do nothing but siphon in campaign money from these oversized corporations and adjust laws to accommodate them and not us.


  1. Wealthy foreigners continue to move in and buy out many of our successful American businesses that are still here.


  1. Big businesses are putting profits way before loyalty to the ones that brought them exalted status – the American consumers. It is time we let them know we do not need them to function and prosper. We have what it takes to properly reconstruct our American businesses at smaller local levels by coming together as one. We cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated, taken advantage of or financially raped.  


  1. Free enterprise has taken a deadly blow because of an out-of-control bureaucracy and politicians that have to a great extent turned their backs to their people. 


  1. Americans are being charged with an ever increasing amount of taxes. Depending on an individual’s earnings, many people are having nearly half their income engulfed by taxes, permits, fees and various other forms of taxation throughout the year.


  1. Each of us pays a substantial amount of taxes in everything we buy. For every purchase we make, all the costs of the product are rolled into the price we pay, including charges that are referred to as hidden taxes.


  1. Our national, state, local and many of our personal debt levels are becoming unmanageable. In certain instances, the interests on the debts are not even being fully paid, much less the principle. The value of our dollar continues to deteriorate. The strains and hardships on more of our main stream families are reaching critical stages.


  1. The politicians treat us like we are cattle on steroids. They milk us day and night through stiff taxation as if we are an endless stream of money to them in which they can spend at whim. Our American money is being extracted from us at every angle. We have to draw the line. We must stop the direction in which we are being forced into!  


  1. The politicians go through our money like a broken fire hydrant spews out water and most of us say nothing outside the privacy of our homes or among our circle of friends. The Boston Tea Party was conducted over less than peanuts compared to the ways and amounts government is draining out our hard earned and much needed money today.


These seventeen pinnacles clearly speak volumes to let us know we can not expect the government to do what must be done for our American businesses, our economy and our people today – they just do not seem to get it, or they are just not interested in getting it.  


Too many families have, and continue to suffer needlessly because of our economic conditions - the predicaments are surmounting and worsening every day. We have to defend our nation when our public servants fail to. The political track record speaks with perfect clarity. We must bring the carelessness and negligence to a screeching halt. We have to do, what we must do.      


911 Was Severely Tragic And Also A Definite Wakeup Call!   


Terrorism As Most Of Us Currently Understand It

Did Not Cause Our Economic Deterioration.


We cannot blame “terrorism” for our present calamities. This steamroller began long before the word terrorism became so commonly used. We need look no further than our local city halls, our state capitals and nation’s capitol to find the culprits behind these devastating tragedies. The ones we entrusted to watch out for our local and national interests (our elected/hired politicians) have terribly and insultingly let us down as individuals and as a nation. We all need to realize we have the lawful responsibilities to fire individuals that refuse to fulfill their employed duties and requirements.





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