Double Tongued Politicians



What We Are Told

Is Not Always The Reality Of What Is Taking Place


Government at every level talk about tax cuts, but tax rates keep going up in different places. Governments add taxation in many ways that are not that noticeable in the various bills we pay and through various means of commerce. These methods increase our overall cost of living and prices we pay for the merchandise we purchase and services we use. Who ever gave our public employees the authority to freely tax anything and everything that pertains to American life? No one!


We Are Being Played


There is no such thing as a true and genuine tax cut. One agency robs Peter to pay Paul. Agencies pencil-whip their figures to make it look like there is more money when there is not. There are all kinds of tricks being used to make us think our economy is something better than it really is, but many of them are nothing more than scams and hype – smoke and mirrors. 




It is similar to the cost of living raises our senior citizens get from Social Security. They get an annual increase that shows up in their monthly checks, only to find out:


  1. Their deductibles went up in Medicare.
  2. Other insurance rates went up again.
  3. Their property taxes went up again - way beyond the little cost of living raise they received, and usually above the actual value of their properties.
  4. Food prices went up more.
  5. Their utility bills went up further.
  6. Fuel costs went up again. 
  7. The monthly phone and utility bills have more obscure and unidentifiable names placed on the various charges within the bills. We eventually find out these are more ways of extracting our money through deceptive taxation strategies. 
  8. Their dollar buys and pays for less.


Government continuously finds ways to gain a larger slice of our cash in every area of our lives. With all the exorbitant amounts of money they extract from us, they are still putting us further in debt at every level of government. Personal debt is climbing because many of us choose to live beyond our actual means. Many others are simply tapped out by having more bills than income without the opportunity to live any real kind of life or a realistic chance for a better paying job.


Who Wouldn’t Be?


Do I sound upset? Of course I am. So are most other genuine, loyal, true, America-loving, law abiding citizens. But we are a very tolerable people. Sometimes we let our tolerance go too far.


Instead of getting angry because of the ways we are continuously getting ripped off, we must constructively funnel this energy into accomplishing projects, programs and strategies that must be fulfilled throughout our nation. A good share of this energy must be used to straighten out our government and also to bring life and long term vigor to the projects written herein. Your help is definitely needed. It cannot be done without your determined support and earnest involvement. We must take the lead and rebuild our homeland before we lose anymore actual ownership that is left.


The politicians have gotten us too deep in debt, too low in businesses and jobs, too little in income, and too high in taxes. As usual, we the people are going to have to bail out our government and ourselves, regardless of our present and individual economic situations. This time we need to heave out the ones that are responsible for bringing about our current complexities. Criminal activities must be accounted for regardless of position or status. American tolerance can not be pushed any further. 


Talk Is Cheap Without Genuine Action To Back It Up


We cannot keep talking and complaining about our problems. We must do everything we can to get America back on track. Decisive action can not be delayed any longer. Talk is cheap without realistic action to back it up. Walking the talk is where the true and genuine values can be found. Americans are a no nonsense kind of people when it comes to doing what we must when times get tough. We cannot let our times get any tougher than they already are. 


Stuck In The Middle 


This letter is giving two core messages.


  • First, it is necessary to explain what our politicians have done to our American foundation and fabric, and that none of us are totally without fault for our current predicaments.


    1. How politicians altered our governmental structure from being of, by and for the people, into a system that supports and upholds their own selves, special interests, the corporate structure and foreign interests.


  • Secondly, we must have realistic and tangible ways on how, we as a people can: 


    1. Reverse The Financial Crisis We Are Being Forced To Continue In.
    2. Restore The Loss Of Rights That Are Being Redefined As Privileges.
    3. Reinstate Individual Freedoms That Are Being Systematically Removed. 
    4. Replace Business Opportunities And Jobs that keep leaving our shores.
    5. Return Real Value To Our Currency.


It is imperative to have the clearest understanding on what brought about our present conditions, so we can properly correct them. Then we can progressively move on as individuals and as a nation with genuine and lasting success. This will take the rightful and diligent involvement of every American citizen.


Time To Take A Serious And Honest Look


It is high time things get shaken up, especially within the irresponsible activities going on in the governmental structure of our nation. It is time we reaffirm who we are as individuals and as a nation:


  • What we believe in.
  • What we stand for.
  • What we will defend.
  • What we are willing to tolerate.


Without proper, loyal, dedicated and trustworthy leadership, a nation will fall – it is just a matter of time. When self interests become the common thread of a society, that society will not be able to continue as a flourishing and free people. That is why our Constitution and Bill of Rights are so important, precious and valuable.


When Certain Ingredients Make Up The Recipe


1.     When political leadership neglects their duties to the people;

2.     When politicians fail to fulfill their assigned job descriptions, and in turn seek to fulfill their own self-serving interests;

3.     When politicians spend without limitations, and consistently increase their personal monetary strength and weaken that of the Citizens;

4.     When the corporate structure only looks out for their own profits, neglecting the necessities of their customers, employees and the people in which they live among;


5.     When a people fail to pay attention to all that is going on around them;

6.     When a people fail to stay involved in the political process;

7.     When a people spend without considering their own nation’s stability and ability to succeed;

8.     When a people allow themselves to become so evenly divided that they can not progress, but rather digress;


When such conditions take place within a nation, that nation is going to lose any strength, stability and ability it once had. That nation will lower itself in status, freedom, individual rights, privacy and its ability to provide goodwill to the rest of the world. America is rapidly racing to such a condition. In many ways it is happening without the general approval of the people; but rather is being instigated by certain special interests and an accommodating political structure.   


Let us look at what happened to the U.S. in just the last few years:


  1. Many of our citizens were murdered on 9-11.
  2. Terrorist threats are more commonplace. 
  3. Claimed budget surpluses turned into devastating deficits.  
  4. Dysfunctional health care worsens.
  5. Medical and pharmaceutical industries go out of control. 
  6. Election processes are controlled by wealth.
  7. Big businesses leave our shores while others outsource our jobs.
  8. Millions of jobs are gone.  
  9. Social security weakens and is impending an expiration date.
  10. Government favors mega businesses over the well being of the people.
  11. Government abandons small, medium and independently owned and operated businesses.
  12. Many infrastructures weaken and become outdated.  
  13. Middle class is strategically reduced.
  14. Civil liberties are undermined.  
  15. Food supplies become tainted.
  16. Livestock becomes infected.  
  17. Sickness and disease are out of control.
  18. And on and on it goes…


A Pivotal Time


We are being crushed between a rock and a hard place. The rock is a government that has placed themselves and their own self interests above the people they swore to serve. The hard place is the people’s unwillingness to be responsible in the authority we have to bring government back in line with our best interests as first priority, according to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We are choosing to buy an incredible amount of our merchandise from overseas which eliminates our own ability to work and earn a living.


We cannot allow our nation to digress any further. We must move ahead with admirable leadership, virtuous ethics, blameless decisions and honorable characters. This we must do if we are to uphold the Great American Standard!   


We have tremendous authority as individual Americans. Collectively, we will decide how far we progress or decline as a nation; whether we grow in strength or digress and weaken. It is high time we use our Constitutional authority for the sake of justice and decency to correct the indiscriminate actions that are taking place throughout our entire American fabric and landscape. If we do not use our individual authority, collectively, we will certainly lose it through inactivity; this would be a total disgrace to us all and to our children.


We Can Not Regain America’s Strength Without You – That Is The Truth.


So what are you going to do about it? 


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