There has been another frontal attack needling away at our American fabric - the manipulation of special interests. For various reasons certain extremely wealthy individuals and others in influential positions around the world despise what America stands for and represents. They have been doing everything in their power to defeat free, loving, independent people; all of which America stands for and defends. In more ways, our politicians are letting it happen within our own shores.


Individual freedom and rights are considered expendable for what certain individuals refer to as “the greater cause”, otherwise understood as worldwide conformity to world order/globalization. There is so much pressing against us American people and our way of life than most people realize because of the freedom and independence we so dearly love and cherish.


American Standard


The American Standard has been under attack ever since our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence. There are governments, individuals and institutions that want to control and rule – plain and simple.


Governments, certain individuals and special interests persuade their people to be at odds among themselves to keep them off balance and/or in subjection to suppressive rule. Intimidation and manipulation tactics are used to make people feel certain changes are needed for security and various other reasons.


The ones that live for the purpose of gaining totalitarian rule through “divide and conquer” strategies know when people come together, great things happen and can often happen quickly. Governments and special interests cannot manipulate people when the people are all working from the same page. A people standing together as one, in defense of them selves can achieve and sustain their common goals with freedom and other essential civil liberties. 


Certain very wealthy individuals among the societies of the world would prefer such essential liberties only be available to them; they would like to have the rest of us subject to their particular rule of life. We must come together to defend our common interests. When a people choose division, they will lose their strength, stability, economic stamina and eventually, their freedom and independence – it is just a matter of time.


Inaccurate Labeling


Many people from around the world are looked upon and characterized as dissidents because they want to see their own people free with rights and privacy. Our forefathers and mothers were looked upon in a similar light when they chose to break free from England back when we were becoming a nation.


Bitter Calamities


We can see the stronghold that has influenced the hearts and minds of people through the conflicts of the Middle East. Some of them have allowed their contention to continue from generation to generation, decade after century, and in some cases, in to millenniums. So many people have needlessly died. Self-centeredness and arrogance, especially together are very destructive forces when preeminence is the only acceptable outcome.


We cannot allow ourselves to become pawns in a worldwide game of control, intimidation and manipulation. We in America can set worthy examples for the people of the world to take serious notice of and gain respect for. We can be an encouragement for the people of other nations to step out and claim freedom for their own lives, and for their own nation.  


America Is Still The Desired Place To Live


There is a definite reason why people from all around the globe want to live in America. We are the last place on earth where true and genuine freedom and individual rights can be found. Many governments of various nations continue to force their people to submit to increased and suppressive rule. More people feel helpless to stand up for themselves.


Some of the same sentiments are becoming more common in America. We must bring such feelings to an abrupt end by fully defending and securing our Constitution and Bill of Rights and make our government fully subject to these worthy documents.    



Are Guns The Problem, Or Certain Individuals That Use Them?



It is well known that gun ownership is a controversial issue in America, though most of us are staunch advocates of the Second Amendment. A case in point from history explains what can happen when government forces a nation to disarm itself.


Hitler brought such disarmament to Germany. Once the people were unable to defend themselves, Hitler moved throughout the land in some of the most hideous ways recorded in history. The people could not defend themselves. Most of you already know the horrifying and despicable details of what happened.


Could similar conditions ever take place in America? One would hope not. It is essential to take a serious look at globalization and the possible future effects that could transpire. Based on what is taking place with world order and our politicians running for it with full steam, better safe than sorry is solid advice and wise counsel.


We cannot compromise the Sovereignty and freedom we have gained as individuals and as a nation. We dare not insult or shame the blood of the lives given in defense of our Sovereignty and excellent liberty. We cannot allow ourselves to become vulnerable to nations that do not fully understand what genuine freedom is all about.


Limit Guns To Who?


Currently, private gun ownership is not allowed in many countries throughout the world.  Governments are taking advantage of such measures and the people are paying for it through the continued loss of freedoms, rights and privacy. Increased crime is another drawback to unreasonable gun control.


Criminals always find ways to be criminals. We must be able to defend ourselves against them. Law enforcement certainly cannot be everywhere at all times. We need to be reasonable and use common sense in our thoughts and decisions. It is nice to trust, but we cannot be naïve in our outlook when the safety and security of our families and our freedom are at stake.


Beyond Our Lifetime


When it is our individual time to check out of this life, our decisions will have lasting effects on our children and future generations. Our decisions must keep them in mind. Often immediate, temporal fixes can produce long term or permanent consequences of disaster and heartache. We can not just think about ourselves when making decisions. We must be responsible as individuals and as a society. We must uphold accountability and convict the ones that choose to violate the life and property of another.


Use Or Abuse Of Authority


The more authority a government is given, the less freedom and rights their people are able to enjoy and live by. We can see the same control measures are building right here in America. In many ways we are being told we cannot trust ourselves enough to own a gun. Why? Because there is a small percentage of Americans and foreign invaders that indulge in criminal activity.


Law abiding citizens suffer the penalty of criminals because the courts often fail to prosecute criminals to the full extent of the law. Certain lawyers manipulate the law to thwart justice. There are other attorneys that abuse the system and milk it for everything they can get.


If a criminal is wealthy enough or has certain connections, their sentence is often reduced to minor infractions and a fine. It is not right when criminals have more rights and freedom than law abiding citizens. It is not justice when honest citizens have to pay the price for dishonest people.


Blame Game


Government is not properly protecting our borders, so they try to blame us for their inabilities and deficiencies. They tell us our freedom must be compromised because they can not or will not do their job. A better question to answer is, "Who is getting paid off?" What are the true reasons these issues are not being enforced, rectified and settled? There is no legitimate reason for the carelessness that is taking place in governmental agencies and policies. We cannot and must not tolerate such irresponsible conduct.


We Must Holdfast To Common Sense


Some lowlife was slashing the tires on a friend’s car – 7 over a few week period. When she was talking to a local law enforcement officer, she asked for some kind of protection – at least limited surveillance. Instead she got the reply, “We are not here to protect the people; we are here to enforce the law”. With those uncomforting words, she reasonably began to feel extremely vulnerable.


This is not suggesting that you go and gun someone down because they are slashing your tires. It is suggesting that you ought to know what to do when facing a criminal. It is suggesting that you should have the ability and know-how to hold someone at gun point for conducting criminal activities against you and your loved ones until the proper authorities can be obtained. This is something adults must be capable of doing, at least until the point when we get crime to a minimum.


We are faced with all kinds of crime, including child abuse, rape, murder and other heinous criminal activities. Obviously we must have the means to defend ourselves, our family and property. We must also be responsible with, and have genuine respect for the freedoms we enjoy to live by. Carelessness and negligence are disastrous among a free people. We need to use common sense in all that we do.


Criminals Will Find A Way


If a criminal wants a gun, they will get a gun. A criminal can use an airplane, automobile, can make a bomb, and can use a poison or a kitchen knife if they want to bring injury to another person or to another person’s property. A gun does not make a person a criminal. Sick, deranged, twisted and/or unprincipled thoughts, revenge, greed and other such actions can prompt a person into criminal activity if they choose to allow it. Carelessness also produces crime, injury and death.


To use current reasoning on laws that politicians want to enact against us, we would all have to be put in straight jackets because so many of our commonly used objects can be used to bring injury and death to another person. The problem is not a weapon or an object of some kind - it is a degraded moral standard of conduct; it is irresponsibility; it is the failure to correctly prosecute real criminals.


If you cannot defend yourself from unprincipled individuals, you are making yourself vulnerable to the dictates of others that obviously do not have your best interests in mind or at heart. That is what makes Americans and America so different.


Crooked Justice


We have the will and ability to defend ourselves, but we have also allowed our judicial system to conduct itself indiscriminately when it comes to judgment and justice. Instead of holding criminals fully accountable for their actions, deals are cut and settlements are made.


In current governmental policy, money buys freedom and/or leniency if criminals can afford it or if it serves a special interest. Such policies must be eliminated. Criminal activity at any level must no longer be tolerated. It is costing our people too much. It certainly affects us monetarily. What is far more devastating is the fact that too many of our citizens are being injured emotionally, mentally and physically from criminal activity, especially when child abuse, actual rape or murder is involved.


Too Often The System Makes

Law Abiding Citizens Feel Like The Criminals


It is time to come down hard on all criminal activity, regardless of status or position. Us law abiding citizens too often get penalized because of our honesty. Many of the crooks, scoundrels and thieves in our society get away with a slap on the hand and a much smaller fine than what they made through their corrupt behavior. Perverts and other abusers must not be tolerated or given leniency. It seems the more you are worth, or the higher your status, the more you can get away with. Is not a criminal, a criminal?


Outlandish Way Of Thinking


There is a very strange opinion becoming more common. Law abiding citizens are being told we have to forfeit our rights because we have unprincipled individuals running around conducting unlawful activities. For that reason, so the opinion encourages, all of us should have to surrender more of our rights and privacy because of a small percentage of unprincipled individuals, corporations and institutions. Who is thinking this unreasonable stuff up? How more bizarre can individuals get in their reasoning to come up with such inconsiderate trash?


It is time we prosecute criminals to the full extent of the law; not to set them up for an example, but because they choose to break the law. We have to make sure laws are reasonable and legitimate and not just more avenues for government to extract more money from its citizens. We must straighten out law and justice and eliminate the indiscriminate twists and bends that are rampant throughout current policy.


If you commit the crime, you deal with the consequences regardless of your position or economic status. If you want to risk the freedom you have by committing criminal activity, possibly for the rest of your life, you better be ready to deal with the results of your actions.


Let Justice Be True


Law abiding citizens deserve every freedom and right they are entitled to and that is required to them according to our Constitution. That is one of the greatest aspects of American life. Regardless what politicians are attempting to warp and distort our policies into, we do not have a dictatorship, monarchy, authoritarian or a totalitarian form of government in America. In America, the people rule. America must hold its government subject to its Constitution and Bill of Rights – this is the only way we will sustain our freedoms that can not be compromised.


Law abiding citizens abide by the law because they do not want to live in the confines of a jail or be sentenced to death. We must, according to the “Law of our Land”, let law abiding citizens live the free life America offers, stands for and represents. America must reward its citizens for living honest, caring and trustworthy lives – that is all there is to it! 




Americans are willing to defend, fight and die for the freedom and rights we have grown to love and respect. We do not give up and we do not give in. We run the race to secure our liberty with independence. It is time to lift back up the moral standard of behavior. We cannot allow our moral base to sink for a monetary price tag or for special interests. We cannot neglect or compromise the common good and respect that are due to law abiding, honest, hard working American citizens.  



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