Set A True Example


Right now we are in a perfect position to encourage the people of the nations to take a solid stand for themselves. We know what it is to stand up and fight for freedom and individual rights. We are, by our example, building confidence in the people of other nations to seriously consider standing up for themselves and for their nation.


Worldwide Communications


The internet is opening ways of communication that this world has not yet realized. The biased media is not able to influence and manipulate like it used to. We are able to find out more of what is really happening in America, in governments and around the world through alternative sources.


People Have To Stand For Their Honorable Convictions


America cannot fight the world’s battles. We cannot loosely interfere with the Sovereignty of other nations. If the people of a nation see that their government does not trust them enough to grow and become successful as individuals and as a society; it is up to them to do what is necessary to become a free and independent people for their own selves. There are non-confrontational ways to assist a people to influence their government for the good and well being of the people.


Confidence Construction


There is so much confidence that builds inside a person when they choose to stand up for their respectable beliefs. That is what our forefathers and mothers had to do over 200 years ago. That is what Americans have been doing ever since we became an independent nation of Sovereign states.


There comes a point in life where you just have to take a stand and defend what is decent, right, honest, just and true. When a person or a people fail to take a stand for their own principled convictions and let other people fight their battles for them, often there is not a genuine lasting appreciation for what was done for them.


Certain realizations must be personally experienced to have a genuine understanding of what has taken place and the cost it involves. There comes a time when a people get tired and worn out because of the oppressive, unreasonable rule that is over them. They must stand up for themselves to form a dependable government that will work for them as well as accommodate their needs and benefit them as a people.


It is not always easy to hold a government accountable; at times it can come with a cost; but freedom is a reality that is worth fighting for and defending. America did it. We proved it works, and though it hurts deeply in times of war, we also know there is no other way to live but in freedom. For that reason, it is imperative to bring our own government back into proper perspective for its citizens rather than for itself.


Face Value Or In Depth Reality


At face value, globalization is a great idea. When the current underlining agenda is more clearly understood, it may not be as conducive to a healthy environment for the people of the world as we may currently hope for. Such large movements are not done overnight. Rather, slow and steady changes are gradually made to a point where much of it goes by undetected or is just tolerated.


The current movement of world order in the combining forces of governments with multinational, multi-corporate entities is steadily becoming a manipulative, intimidating and controlling beast. It is patiently waiting to swallow up true independence, genuine freedom and individual rights and privacy throughout the world. It is aggressively causing a larger gap between the upper and lower classes, while the middle class continues to dissolve.


We cannot allow such unreasonable methods of control to infiltrate our American shores in any way. Standing up against corruption and manipulative control do not have to be scary ordeals – it is just a matter of doing it, so we can live the lives we have grown to love and appreciate.


Simple Example


An example many of us can relate to is standing up to the big bully at school. If you do not take your stand, your life will continue to be miserable. If the bully knows you will allow yourself to continue to be vulnerable, the bully will keep pushing you further and further. You will begin to feel less of a person, with less self respect.


Take your stand and keep standing. Do not become a pawn in someone’s twisted, unstable, insecure and/or over-arrogant mind. If you refuse to take your stand, you will be susceptible to intimidation for the rest of your life. Either put up with it and quit complaining, or take your stand and be the conqueror you can be. Make your decision to live in defeat, or choose to set your mind to live the victorious life. You have more control over it than you may be willing to accept.


If you refuse to take your stand, you lose; the ones around you will have no choice but to deal with the consequences of your decisions. There is no sound reason for you to disgrace yourself or the ones you love and care for. Take your admirable, solid stand now and for the rest of your life.


Keep A Close Eye


When there is a system in place that is working hard to gain world dominance; a system that fills its positions by assignment rather than the vote of the people; a system that gives the appearance of charity and good will; a system that does not allow public scrutiny and investigation; look out for what lies ahead.


Individuality Is A Tremendous Blessing And Honor


We can live as individuals and as individual societies. We can conduct reasonable trade among our various nations. It does not have to be done through multinational and chain businesses as we currently know it. It can be done through small, medium and larger sized independently owned and operated businesses joining together by city, by state, by nation, between the nations.


We can cooperate and function very well with genuine freedom and individual rights, while still providing a strong defense and protective security. We do not need some world government forcing the people of the nations to submit to authoritarian rule and manipulative control. The people of the individual nations can be their own free self-government. We in America have already proven how well this works. Compromising this Standard would be ludicrous.


Back In Proper Perspective


It is imperative that we Americans get our government back into proper alignment with the people, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.


  1. It is time to get our politicians back to the job descriptions they have been assigned to fulfill.
  2. It is time to stop the manipulation of special interests who are working hard to destroy our common threads that sustain us as a free, well-to-do and independent people.
  3. It is time to stop the manipulation of foreign entities who are working hard to infiltrate our shores to produce contention and uneasiness among us.


Together we can attain tremendous accomplishments when we hold fast to our honorable American Standard and work together to fulfill our precious common goals and objectives as a nation. 


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