Eyes Are Opening


  1. More people are becoming privy to what is actually happening to our financial and moral state of affairs.
  2. Most Americans thoroughly realize our politicians are not doing the jobs they were assigned to fulfill.
  3. More people are becoming aware of the manipulation of multinational conglomerates.
  4. Many people do not know what to do to make ends meet or how to get back what we are losing as a nation.
  5. Many people do not know what to do to sustain or regain their health.


Thankfully, Americans Certainly Have What It Takes


Our people have the strength, ability, resourcefulness, agility, skill and excellent spirit to bring our American economy and standing back to a place of even stronger prominence in this world and world market. Every time we take a beating from circumstances that befall us, we come back a better and more wholesome people.


By coming together as one for:


  • Our common cherished goals,
  • Our financial strength,
  • Our beloved rights,
  • Our fought for individual freedoms,   
  • The best and necessary interests of our children and grandchildren,


We can assure our people’s success, standing and independence for many years to come.


You Can Make The Difference


Right now you can take an integral role in bringing the necessities of our nation into swift reality. There is not a whole lot each of us has to do to restore America, as long as we do our individual fair share. It is just a matter of simply:


  1. Making adjustments in some of your personal spending habits.
  2. Buy more American made products and products from countries that abide by reasonable trade.
  3. Be accountable for your own personal decisions and actions. If you mess up, be responsible enough to make it right.
  4. Fulfill your rightful duty in demanding that politicians, bureaucracies and other governmental agencies serve their lawful job descriptions with full accountability.


  1.  Take a stand against criminal activity.
  2. Get involved in your local community.


    1. Pitch in – people in your community need the talents you possess. You can also benefit from the abilities of others.
    2. Swap your skills with others and work on projects together.
    3. Be a true friend to someone that may not have one.
    4. Let go of unwarranted prejudice.
    5. Share a real smile instead of a frown.
    6. Watch out for others.
    7. Share a word of encouragement instead of an insult.
    8. Adopt an elderly person in your neighborhood.
    9. Share a gesture of genuine appreciation instead of a disrespectful dig. 
    10. Become a true friend to a child that needs one. 


  1. Live within your means. Prioritize and categorize your needs from your wants.
  2. Be the loving and caring person that you know you are or can become. It makes life easier for yourself and for those around you.


Send this message to your friends, family and associates. Your role in this project at any level is crucial. This project calls for teamwork. You can take a key position in this, right here and now. We need you to do your part for the purpose of the restoration of America. We cannot allow any more time to slip away. America needs you to do your reasonable and fair share. Your commitment needs to start now.


Help in helping others, as we encourage all our people to work together for the restoration and common good of America and our individual lives. 


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