Laying The Groundwork For The Start Up Of


Project Restore America



One of the main commitments of this restoration project is to form a highly organized bulk purchasing and support operation for local small, medium and larger sized independently owned and operated businesses throughout America. Local business owners must have an avenue to purchase their merchandise at discounted rates and gain a realistic voice in the marketplace. This will give local entrepreneurs the cutting edge they need to become successful in their own communities. Within certain industries, it will provide options for worldwide competition.


This may be the most reasonable way American Mom and Pop businesses will have a fair and realistic chance to compete with the multinational conglomerates and chain businesses that are taking over our entire business sector. This may be the most practicable way to make it possible for smaller businesses to compete in local and world markets. This will bring more of a personal touch back to the shopping experience – something that has become more rare since big business has taken over so much of our commerce.


  1. This project will create more local jobs with more reasonable wages, which will produce a local increased tax base.
  2. This system will offer local community investment alternatives.
  3. Health insurance and tax paying alternatives will be examined for money saving avenues to bring more economic relief to our citizens.  


The goal for a nationwide presentation of this project is set for the latter part of 2005. That is why we all need to pitch in and quickly spread the word. None of us are getting any younger and timing is crucial. America is aging fast because of all that is transpiring within our shores. Our children are justifiably getting more leery because of the uncertainty of what their futures may hold. This must stop now and you can help in a big way by sharing this message today.


One Phase


One phase of this operation is to start private label businesses. They will be set up similar to the chain businesses that are currently spread throughout our American landscape. The differences will be that local community profits will remain local. Their will be no corporate headquarters or foreigners raking in our local community profits.


Many people like the familiarity of going to various parts of our nation and getting the same tastes of foods and other services as they do from chain restaurants and other local chain businesses. These will be areas provided within the private label businesses.


Using restaurants for an example, the interesting aspect with this is each individual restaurant can offer their own private selection of foods if they so choose. Combining consistency and individuality makes a great blend for an exceptional recipe within our nation’s food service industry. The same arrangements will be made in various other industries where consistency is valued.


Each state will have their separate main corporate office and sub-divisional offices.  These offices will be available to the various kinds of American and locally owned and operated small, medium and larger sized businesses, both new and already established. Locally owned and operated businesses will be able to place their orders of products, services and other business related necessities at these corporate offices.


Coop Style Operations


This arrangement will have similarities to a coop type structure that Americans have successfully used since we became a nation. This structure will concentrate on accommodating local businesses rather than individual people as coops have been commonly used. Working/cooperating together for common goals always works. It is time to take cooperative strategies to a higher level of benefit for “Business America”.


Since most retail businesses have very similar necessities and sell much of the same products and services, this will make bulk purchasing simplified and available at a Mom and Pop level. Even small town, local community businesses will be able to more effectively compete with the big players. Business owners within the small and medium sized business sectors will not feel as if they are alone in the marketplace; this infrastructure will be there with them, and for them, with a tremendous support system in place. 


This structure will also link manufacturing and other production industry services together. When large orders come in and a single plant can not fill an order in a timely manner; other plants throughout our nation will be called upon to produce the quantities needed to supply larger orders. Independently owned and operated businesses must work together to compete and remain successful in a worldwide economy and marketplace.  


The Corporate/Coop Offices Will Mainly Handle The Following Services:


1.     Order taking from local businesses.

2.     Bulk purchasing from suppliers.

3.     Receiving from suppliers.

4.     Distribution to local community businesses.

5.     Produce innovative cookie cutter business plans and strategies for various fields, industries and markets.

6.     Health & Other Insurance Cooperatives

7.     Coop Banking

8.     A strong support system with various essential necessities that will increase the possibility for every local business to be a valued success in their own specific community.

9.     Link small and medium sized American manufacturing and other production plants together that fabricate, engineer, construct and/or formulate merchandise to supply retailers with the goods they want to sell.

10.  Research and Development to build and improve machinery and equipment to keep our stateside businesses on the cutting edge of technology; to make sure our American businesses can compete and succeed in every conceivable way.


Non Profit System


These corporate offices/coop type operations will be a nonprofit arrangement to assure the lowest costs possible for these most integral features. This will assure the highest possible profit margins for business owners at the local community level. It will provide local business owners a more realistic ability to pay more reasonable wages and benefits to their employees.


The lead employees working within these offices will be voted in and out of their positions by the owners of the various businesses throughout our nation that are using their services. The business owners will also make adjustments to the wages and pensions of all the employees working within this nonprofit organization.


For safeguard purposes there will also be independent boards established that will review records and operation function ability. This is to make sure the coop structure and their employees, as well as independently owned and operated businesses and their owners are all being treated fairly, honorable, equally and with respect.


Any privately owned and operated business owner can use these services. If a business owner wants to venture out on their own, there is nothing stopping them. These services are only made available to level the business field between independently owned and operated businesses, with the huge chain and multinational corporations. This will also make it possible and more convenient for certain smaller businesses to do business in overseas markets.


Just Like The Multinational Conglomerates And Chains We Have Now  


These locally owned and operated stores and production plants can be just as large as the ones we have available to us now. The differences are that these stores and plants will be locally owned, operated, employed and maintained, as well as built and expanded through local people, investment and contractors.


We must bring locally owned businesses back to our communities and make sure they support other community businesses. This can be done with businesses like the Large Department Stores, Home Supply Stores, Wholesale Clubs, Office Supply Stores, Manufacturing and Production Plants and more.


Multiple Owners Under One Roof


The larger stores and plants can easily have multiple owners inside them according to the various departments. Different departments can be owned, operated, stocked and maintained by different owners. They can also work together for the purposes of cutting expenses through joint cooperation in administrative, checkout and maintenance costs.


The various departments can interlink employees for multitasking throughout the entire facility. This will give employees more flexibility to handle various trades and skills within their overall facilities. Our workers can no longer be satisfied in being proficient or limited to just one or two trade skills.


  1. Through this structure there will be more personalized care and will also increase the quality of customer service.
  2. Concern for detail and quality assurance will be more carefully observed and scrutinized because it will be done on smaller scales. 


  1. These arrangements will also make businesses more affordable and manageable for anyone that wants to get involved.
  2. This will increase affordable investment options for all Americans.


  1. Quality and excellence will be assured throughout the various departments because of the overall joint efforts, dedication and loyalty of the workers to do their best. Incentives will be in place throughout the entire structure to encourage individuals to excel to their full capacity and ability. Americans and excellence go hand in hand.


  1. Where ever possible, a four, ten hour work shift will be encouraged to provide three day weekends for employees.


Local Strength And Stamina


By setting up stores and plants in this manner, local money will stay local. Our citizens will be willing to shop and purchase from these stores because they know the money is staying in their own community and the prices will be reasonably competitive.


The ones that choose to invest in these businesses will certainly have reasons to shop and purchase from them. The locals will feel comfortable investing in their own home town and state. Families will not be broken up as much because family members will be able to stay in their own home town because there will be available business opportunities and reasonable employment.


When we see the label, “Made In America”, we know we will be supporting our own fellow citizens. Americans have and continue to experience first hand what happens when we fail to watch out for, and support our own people, communities and local businesses. We unmistakably know how quickly our incomes can be severely altered, our way of life can be brutally compromised and how quickly debt can pile up.


We can not delay in getting this system of operations going strong. We currently have many vacant buildings in our local communities. These buildings need to be used to provide local community businesses, employment, profits and an increased tax base. We can not let these buildings deteriorate through the lack of use.


Another Area Of Local Expansion  


Another phase is to link local, small and large town ISPs, cable businesses and phone services, utilities and other services companies together in lucrative and constructive ways. Most such services extract their sources from main backbone providers. By integrating the various small and medium sized businesses together in a coop type structure, bulk purchases can be made similar to the way the big players are doing now, but at a small/medium sized local business level. Eventually we can buy out and control the main backbone sources if the current providers fail to supply reasonable rates.


Additional tools, techniques, software and services can be offered because of the joint efforts of the various individual companies and industries throughout our nation. Standardized programs, options and services will make it easy to offer extra incentives and opportunities to the various companies; this will in turn provide many extra benefits to us consumers at reasonable rates.  


The Necessities Of Building Local Wealth


To make it more income producing for both company and consumer, the money saved through integral cooperation among the small and medium sized businesses in these areas; the savings can be returned to the customers in a networking strategy. Many people are familiar with network marketing. What is currently offered in today’s market normally benefits the company and the heavy hitters that know how to sell. Most people involved in these programs make little or nothing. The Network Marketing business format is incredible when it is done right.


This structure will be arranged differently in that every individual that is involved will be able to benefit. There is no reason to raise a brow in reference to lucrative network marketing. Time and space does not allow for a full disclosure of this infrastructure at this time. What is imperative is that we get money back into the hands of all our American citizens in the most legitimate and beneficial ways. There are realistic and practical ways to accomplish this when greed is removed and creative ingenuity is integrated into the business blueprints. Let us proceed.


Rebuilding Our Mom & Pop Farms


Another area of serious concern and necessity to our American local business opportunities is to reinstate our small and medium sized farming infrastructure. Similar cooperative strategies will be implemented to reestablish these markets and make strong their success.


Small farms can work together to supply large orders to retailers throughout America and overseas. It is important to restore our small and medium sized farming foundation for the production and sales of organic foods. Organics are a rapid growing market whose time has fully come because of necessity.


Quality Foods For Quality People To Provide Quality Health


Organic foods provide the flavor our current mass production farming methods are lacking. Organically grown foods contain 2-4 times more nutrients than the mass production, genetically altered farming production operations offer. This involves fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds and herbs and all the foods that use these raw ingredients. Raising animals in a more natural way will also be integrated into the reinstated smaller sized business farming industry.


Small and medium sized farms are perfect to fulfill this calling. By farmers working together; this can be an incredible opportunity to restore our Mom and Pop farming institution. This will become a tremendous source to bring jobs and revenue back to our smaller towns and villages throughout America who desperately need them. There are also ways to improve larger privately owned and operated farming institutions in environmentally and animal friendly ways.  


It Is America’s Time To Shine!

With Your Help, We Can!



The Main Purposes


The main purposes of the various arrangements made herein are to:


  1. Reestablish and build up local communities with local American owned and operated businesses, jobs and investment opportunities at small, medium and larger sized levels.
  2. Integrate new ways to pay for taxes and health care through commerce; If you take something out, you need to put something back in.
  3. Restore our deteriorating middle class sector to keep America the great “Land of Opportunity”.


  1. We must be able to keep more of the money we individually work hard to obtain.
  2. We must have legitimate options to invest in at our own local community level. It is necessary for investors to see exactly how their investments are being generated, spent and returned as well as actual company stability, ethics and growth.


Therefore another phase of this project is to provide local community investment opportunities through coop banking. This will give locals a chance to invest in local department, grocery, building supply stores and various other business industries that provide our daily staples that will be generated and assisted within this restoration project.


Other Areas Of Serious Health Concerns


  1. More cities are having problems with their drinking water. Some places even state in their water bill that the water is not suitable for drinking. Water supplies must be pure.
  2. Sewage treatment plants must be modernized, made safe and be able to handle a growing population.
  3. Energy and fuel sources must become environment conscious and remain affordable.


Industries must meet reasonable health standards and use proper discretion when it comes to our health and environment. The old saying still holds true: If you do not have your health, you do not have much. Why? Because you do not have the ability to enjoy what you are accomplishing with your life. An increasing and alarming number of our citizens at every age are awakening to this totally sobering and unwelcomed experience.


It is obvious that the air we breathe, the fluids we drink and the foods we eat, take on the largest role when it comes to our individual health. Our attitude, character, outlook and ability to be successful and prosperous determine the condition of our wellbeing. The injurious factors of stress, anxiety, worry, fearfulness and other similar expressive responses must be controlled if we want to feel great about ourselves and our individual purpose in this life. We need to return balance to America at a local community level.


There are a number of ingredients that produce the health and well being we are all seeking to obtain. Wholesome, well-rounded education will be provided to fulfill this entire recipe. We can not sell out our health by biting into manipulative and crafty sales gimmicks produced by large and wealthy corporate entities.


A calm and peaceful spirit must become an attainable goal for each of us. We have the ability and technology to produce an environment where these qualities can become a more living reality when we choose to work together and help one another.


Other Concerns


  1. We must use our individual authority. We must lay down the line for our politicians and governmental agencies. It is imperative to use the voting process to determine the guidelines on how our government will conduct itself according to the requirements set forth by our Constitution and Bill Of Rights. In America, the people control the government – the government does not control the people.


·       We must demand that government stops spending our tax dollars in overseas advertising for big businesses that can afford to advertise for themselves.

·       We need to stop giving big businesses tax breaks when they move part or all of their operations overseas.

·       We need to give incentives to individuals that have businesses, and other people who want to start businesses in America and keep them here.


It is easy to see the huge scope of this project. Our fellow citizens want this sort of project but do not know what to do to make it happen. Just realize it is not that big when all of us Americans are working on it together. There is strength in numbers. Our count is at an excellent and impressive level. Based on the high quality citizens we have in America, it will not take long to regain our strength, stamina and staying power.


Working Together


We have allowed the governmental structure to divide us as a nation. These divisions will continue to make us more vulnerable.


By each one of us pitching in, doing our fair share and working together, we can restore America and get back on track in a very timely manner. That is what real and genuine teamwork is all about. That is American ingenuity at its finest. 


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