It is time we as a people join together for our common goals and interests. We must increase local, private businesses. We must demand that our out-of-touch government tune back into the necessary affairs of the citizens of America. We cannot compromise our standard of living.


We in America have a great advantage over our government. We have the authority of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to tell government exactly how to conduct itself. We can not fail to utilize our individual rights and demand government get back to functioning in ways that put, we the people, as first priority in every single thing they do while under our employment.


We can reset the precedence in America. We must reclaim our rights, power and authority for the common good of each and every one of us - not just for a minority of claimed elitists and business authoritarians that abuse their positions to raise their standards by lowering the rest of our standards.  


As a people, we simply need to be the caring and loving people we’ve always been. We need to cooperate together as one like we used to when this nation was being built for the purpose of obtaining our common goals. When we work together as one people it will not take long to reestablish our strength and stability as a nation, economically and as a flourishing people. We have everything it takes to make this happen; you know we do.  


For Our Children


Our younger generation needs to see what cooperation and working together can accomplish on a very large scale. Generating local businesses, job opportunities and investment alternatives will encourage great enthusiasm among all our people. This project and returning to our great American Standard will benefit the future of America and all Americans.


We must keep the American Dream alive and well. This project will increase the morale among our fellow citizens which our people need right now. We need to start feeling passionate again about America and its direction. We need to provide a stable America for our children and grandchildren and no debt. 


Do you love your children? Do you love America? Do you want to do more in keeping the American Dream alive and well? Of course these are totally important factors in your life.


What It Boils Down To


Yes, too often it boils down to money and control. Money pays the bills and certain people want to control as much as they can. We have less money circulating among our people. The value of our dollar keeps going down. This will continue to force us further down in the way of life our forefathers and mothers assured us with their trials, complexities, harsh living conditions and with their blood, sweat and tears. They endured so much to assure our success. We must without compromise, continue their legacy today and return America to its rightful state! Will you please help?  





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