A Thankful Individual


What is being presented to you is not the beginning and end of this project. This message itself is continuously developing as information unfolds.


The writer of this documentation is totally thankful for who he is as an individual. I am a caring American who enjoys living a simple life, probably similar to yourself. I have family members and special friends that are going through very hard times just like you do. A point has been reached in my life where I must stand up and say, THAT IS ENOUGH!


We Cannot Sit By Anymore


We cannot sit on the sideline. We cannot be a silent bystander. This is our home and we have a duty to fulfill as American citizens. We have responsibilities to all our citizens, including our children and future generations. We all want to do our part in keeping intact the Great American Standard and Dream. We all want to do more, but many of us do not know what to do.


We Are True, Genuine, Loyal And Dedicated Americans


  1. We are a special kind of people who get energized about goodwill and pitching in to help.
  2. We are a people who go the extra mile when times get tough.
  3. We step out and break through unreasonable barriers for the common goodwill of people.
  4. We take pleasure in the excellent qualities of success.
  5. We value living good hearted, quality lives.
  6. We find satisfaction in helping others increase the value of their own lives.
  7. We take a solid stand for the things that are just, honorable, worthy and decent.


Sobering, Real Life Sacrifice


It is deeply saddening to think how many fellow citizens were, and are seriously handicapped: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, because of injuries received through wars to uphold freedom. It is profoundly humbling to realize how many individuals shed their blood and gave their very own life over the years so we can enjoy the liberty we have today.


Returning What We Can


How can we do anything less than get this project going in appreciation for our independence today which is sealed with the endured lifelong injuries of so many; and the blood and life of countless other souls through the history of this nation and the whole world that fought for freedom?


I beseech you to please help by sending this message to your family, friends and coworkers. Such support is of the greatest value and necessity right now.


Please Help


With your willingness to share this message, other people will be given the opportunity to embrace this project. In turn, more involvement will speed up the processes of bringing these programs into swift reality. We must move on this quickly. Our economical strength and general morale cannot afford any delays; not as individuals and not as a nation.


Americans want to see America back on track, but are uncertain on how to make it work in realistic ways. These are the individuals that are going to help make this project great.


Without teamwork, America will keep losing more of what we have all grown to love and respect about America. Without your serious commitment and earnest involvement, the road to tow will be much more difficult for the rest of us. We all need the help of everyone else to make this work with swift progression.


Every bit of helpful information and insight received will absolutely be integrated into this project, and due recognition will be given to each contributor. If for any reason a person wants to keep their name and level of assistance anonymous; that too will be respected and honored.


Honesty Works


If you feel there are errors within this documentation, especially among the criticisms, more in depth analysis will be conducted in the suggested areas of concern. If it is a matter of someone not wanting to deal with the reality of our current actual conditions and predicaments; hopefully you will take the time to read through this documentation a second time from a more neutral and analytical position.


It is not always easy to confront problems head on; especially big problems. We are presently in a situation where we have no choice but to do so. This is for our own sake, and the sake of our children and grandchildren. Thank you for your sincere understanding and support.





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