No Time To Lose


Realize this is a very condensed version of what this all entails. As you can see it provides very helpful, straightforward and revealing information. This project is very extensive. Serious times call for profound and thought-provoking intervention. It is essential to get this message out to every American to stimulate awareness, interest and involvement. This is a team and nationwide project to be fulfilled at a local community level. We can not drag our feet in the fulfillment of this project.    


Time To Dream Again


1.     It is time we give all Americans a serious and realistic chance and reason to dream and grow beyond our current expectations.  

2.     It is time to give individuals a chance to look inside themselves to see the wonderful treasures they already possess.

3.     It is time to provide the necessary encouragement and give the support our citizens are yearning for to step out and use every bit of talent and skill they have in real, legitimate and meaningful ways.

4.     It is time to believe in who we are as individuals and as a people like never before and to go for it! 



Please send a link of this website to your family, friends, associates and politicians. You can add a link to this site along with your signature when you send out your emails. If you know of other individuals who can be an integral benefit in getting this project going quickly and in a powerful way, please forward this information to them. Time is of the essence.


There will be updates and further information being made available on this site, so please come back often.




Project Restore America




Please join us so we can make this project a grand success for our people in this generation and the generations to come. Together it can happen, and happen big. Please get involved and thank you in advance because I know you truly care and will help. 


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