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Realistic Ways To Return America To

Its Rightful Standing, Its Proper Level And Earned Status.


Getting America Back On Track Without Delay


Out of work Americans are losing heart. Low paying jobs and temporary positions are devastating many of the lives of our neighbors and graduates. Big businesses are monopolizing more stateside and world commerce markets. Independently owned and operated business owners are becoming more extinct.


Sickness is widespread and disease is destroying our people. Health care costs are wiping out our nation’s ability to gain financial strength. Before elections, politicians promise to fix the problems of our nation. After election, it is back to “business as usual”. Unless all Americans meet on common ground, our great nation will spiral in a direction that will disgrace our children and shame ourselves.


Do It Productions is releasing realistic and critical insight, sensible and innovative strategies for the purpose of returning America to its rightful standing and earned status. This no nonsense, easy to understand documentation is what the heartbeat of America is demanding. We can afford no delays. We can settle for nothing less! 



Steps Of Restoration




Restore Our Middle Class.

Restore Independently Owned And Operated Businesses.

Restore Accountability In Politics, Government, In American Business, And Among Us All. 




Reconstruct Our Tax System.

Reconstruct Our Health Care System To Affordability And Function Ability.

Reconstruct Our Educational Processes And Curriculum.

Reconstruct Our Farming, Small And Medium Business Industries. 


Explore And Implement:


Explore And Implement More Natural Forms Of Alternative Fuel And Energy Sources.

Explore And Implement More Realistic American Investment Opportunities.

Explore And Implement Respectable War Alternatives.


Protect And Defend:


Protect And Defend Constitutional Freedom And Rights At An Individual Level.

Protect And Defend National And State Sovereignties.

Protect And Defend Law Abiding Citizens From Criminal Activity.

Protect And Defend Against Individuals, Organizations, Corporations And Systems That Attempt To Undermine Freedom, Rights, Privacy, Sovereignty, Justice, Purity, Loyalty, And Honor In America.


Build Up And Secure:


Build Up And Secure Our American Defenses.

Build Up And Secure Our American Dollar.

Build Up and Secure The Noble American Dream.

Build Up and Secure The Great American Standard.


Serious And Timely Work Must Be Swiftly Accomplished  


America is being severely tried. We have lost ground financially, structurally and in morale. Many of our established and basic beliefs, rights and freedoms are under harsh attack; the stability of our common way of life is suffering embarrassing tolls. We have lost sight of any real direction as a people and as a nation.


Certain politicians, members within our bureaucracies, individuals within the multi-corporate multinational structure, in chain businesses and special interests are undermining our nation’s fundamental distinctiveness, our superior qualities and the ability for a growing number of us to prosper as individuals through commerce, employment and health.


Some of our primary pillars in America are being exchanged for attributes, mannerisms and traits that will not profit us as individuals, as a people or as a nation. The good-humored and enthusiastic spirit among many of our citizens continues to wane. Our political, judicial and bureaucratic structures are commonly turning their backs to the Constitution and the people they claim to serve.


Our Great Nation Has Been Established On:


1. Trustworthy ethics.

2. Tremendous principles that are above reproach.

3. Values that are dependable and have been cherished around the world.

4. Morals that are fair and that are based on honesty, truth, loyalty, decency and respect.

5. A way of life that this world has not seen, heard of, or experienced before we became a free people and an independent nation.

6. We cannot compromise such a profound and admirable foundation.


We Must Safeguard All That Has Made Us

A Respected People And Cherished Nation:


1. We cannot allow our incredible qualities to become injuriously chiseled away to a point of being unrecognized.

2. We cannot allow our superior characteristics that made America the sought out land of the whole world to become obscured.

3. We cannot jeopardize through negligence the brilliant attributes that made our country magnificent.

4. We cannot allow the impeccable benefits that have diligently served us extremely well for over 200 years to become any more disfigured than they have already become.


There are forces at work that have no real or sincere appreciation for individuals and nations that choose to live in freedom and with independence. We cannot allow any manipulation or destructive influences to come against the sound and highly regarded integrity our nation has gained over the last two centuries.


The heart of America is what countless Americans have cherished so much, they were willing to fight to protect. Many of these honorable citizens became maimed for life, while so many others sacrificed their very own life to defend!


What our forefathers, foremothers and other past generations have achieved and fulfilled for over 200 years is quickly fading away in our generation. We must reverse this unwelcomed agenda before irreparable damage takes place. The stability of America can not be whittled away. We simply can not allow it.


We As A People Can Not Sit Idly By:


  1. As our American Fabric becomes more unraveled, tattered and torn.
  2. As our established way of life becomes more disfigured.
  3. As our sustained economic strength and stability become more bankrupt.  


Our nation is at a very critical time in life. What this generation decides to do will set the course that America’s future will be based upon. We must be careful with this awesome and sobering challenge. We can not afford to make havoc or distort that which has meant so much to this entire world.


We as individuals and as a people must rise up to the call. We must secure the futures of our families, especially the well being of our children and grandchildren that we so earnestly care for and deeply love.  Americans have more than it takes to restore our nation in every way and to secure our fundamental way of life. It is time we fully come together and make it happen.        


Ever Growing Work


This project must be implemented to bring America back to its rightful position and honorable condition as soon as possible. Timing is crucial. We must put our differences aside and meet on common ground. There is no other option at this time.


Thank you for your sincere interest and earnest involvement. Spread this message through every avenue you have available to yourself. If you are using email, please do not spam and thank you. 


Go to the following website to analyze a fuller disclosure of some of the solutions, attributes and criticisms necessary to realistically bring America back to its well-favored status and highly respected reputation. We can afford no delays. We can settle for nothing less.


Do not wait until tomorrow, for that which can be done today.




The only way we can restore America to its necessary and indispensable foundation is by coming together on common ground and get it done.  Refer everyone you know to the following website. Also be sure to refer your politicians to this site. Check back for critical updates and further information.