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All their products  - more than 27, 600 - are made by over 600 American companies.

American Made Boots

Shoes, Boots, Sneakers Made in USA

Outer Wear & Outdoor Clothing:

They use 100% labor and 100% U.S. made fabrics in manufacturing. This company is privately held, U.S. corporate HQ is in Seattle and their line of products are beautiful, practical for hunters and all manner of outdoor activities.

This is an excellent site for finding even rebuilt car engines and transmissions Made in the USA


... in the USA Data Base and Search Engine. Made in America, not in China. ... Buddys Jeans • Best Jeans Made in USA. Buddy's Jeans are the toughest, ...

All American Clothing

Tons of other products made in the USA

Source for tee shirts, hats, etc.


Denim, duck, & camo clothes
Nylon bags, pouches, gun cases, holsters, magazine pouches, etc.
Chippewa Boots